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One of the many things that has happened over the last ten months is the rise of the online pub quiz. As people have been locked down and working from home, one of the easiest (and hardest) things to do has been to put together a pub quiz. To keep departments collaborating and to get everyone involved in some sort of social engagement, the pub quiz is seen as a fun way of doing that. But how do you put together a fun quiz in a way that is both engaging and challenging. Keep reading to find out more and also to get a “done for you” pub quiz.

As someone who, in their earlier career organized many a social event, and who has latterly organized one or two online pubs quizzes for the department I feel I can give a few hints or tips on how to organize a team building Pub Quiz.

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So what makes for a good pub quiz, what things should I avoid and what sort of questions should I include?

I don’t know how many of you will have actually attended a pub quiz? I have been to a few and they tend to be filled with various groups of people. There’s the folk who are at the pub anyway and just want to have a drink, don’t want to leave but know that if they don’t take part they will just get annoyed at the noise. There’s the folk who normally go to their local and go along for a laugh and then there’s the “professional” pub quiz players who probably have a calendar marked with various pubs quizzes taking place in the local area and who pick their friends based on their own blind spots when it comes to quiz questions!

Trying to organize a work’s pub quiz is a mixture of this. You have the regular people who will just come a long for the social engagement. There are the folk who think they know a lot about one or two subjects and then you have the ones who will try to win. How do you appeal to all of them and keep them engaged along the way?


If you want to organize a work’s pub quiz then there are a few basic rules you will want to follow. Some of these may seem obvious but I’ll list them here just for completeness:quiz

  • Hold your pub quiz at an appropriate time – having a pub quiz at 9am on a Monday morning may seem like a good idea to get people motivated but if you want a bit of social banter and some bonding going on then make it at an appropriate time. Good times to go for are end of the day on a Thursday or Friday as most people will be in a better mood and more inclined to participate.
  • If you can swing it, organize for the last hour of the work day, that way you’ll get more people attending and it will create a better atmosphere. Some people have a life outside work – and there are those who will see this as work, and will treat an hour after work as eating in to their own time and will therefore refuse to attend. On the other hand, having it from 4 until 5 will make them think they are missing an hour of work and will encourage them to attend – I’d much rather be joining a pub quiz than working that last hour, yes?
  • Try to have a mixture of questions. It seems obvious but having fifty questions about football may alienate some people and although its great to show off your knowledge on the history of the battle of the Somme it may not make it fun for everyone else who is attending .
  • thinkingTry to make the quiz a bit lighthearted. Its easy to get bogged down with that question about whether the first goal scorer for Manchester United ever was one person or the other and the answer is only ever as good as the source BUT remember this is just meant to be a bonding exercise and you don’t want to come away from the quiz with everyone thinking you’re a control freak or worse! Make a joke about it, award everyone a point and move on quickly.
  • Don’t drag it out too long. I tend to have five rounds relating to a topic of ten questions each. This usually last about an hour to an hour and thirty depending on how much conversation there is. Sometimes a funny comment from one person will initiate a bit of a funny conversation and as long as it doesn’t get too bogged down, or too contentious then its good to let that run its course. Remember the main point of the quiz is to have some fun and get together as a team.
  • Included in the not dragging it out too long, is to have the answers at the end of each round, this breaks it up a bit and ensures that people remember what the questions were! In the quizzes I have organized this year I have had a round of ten questions, then the answers then a short break so that people can go get another drink or go to the bathroom, or deal with stuff going on at home.


  • As the presenter of the quiz I have always used PowerPoint to put my quizzes together, having the quiz questions come up on a slide as well as reading them out is a good reminder for yourself as well as making it easier for people who cannot hear properly as well as covering for any slight glitches that happen. Nothing worse than having to repeat a question two or three times as someone has not heard it properly.
  • Using PowerPoint may seem a bit overkill as well as pointless but it does help you to work on your PowerPoint skills, which is always a good thing. It also makes the quiz appear a bit more professional and you can control various aspects of the quiz. I have some snazzy transitions in some rounds to add to the whole thing. There is a particular transition which morphs letters from one slide into the next which worked particularly well for a Harry Potter round I once did, it looked brilliant.
  • Send out invites nice and early to make sure people are aware of the date and time of the quiz and are able to keep the time free. People like to be able to organize themselves so last minute invites are not good.
  • Make sure everyone is aware of the rules before the quiz starts. I always have one or two slides just to explain the rules – two point for a correct answer, five rounds of ten questions etc just so that people are aware beforehand what they are meant to do. It’s always a good talking point how many points everyone got afterwards.
  • End on a high, remember to thank everyone for taking part and hope they had a good time. I always copy the PowerPoint into a shared folder so that everyone can access it afterwards. Its surprising how many people want to play again with their friends or family and having a PowerPoint presentation allows them to do that.

So that’s my main recommendations for running your own Pub quiz for your own team working from home. I have run seven pubs quizzes over the last few months, some of them are quite specific for our own team.

Once again, thanks for reading my article, I hope it was beneficial – as a gift to you please find attached a copy of one of my powerpoint quizzes that I have used in the past – I hope you find it useful you can find it HERE.


If you have any questions at all about running your own pub quiz or anything like that please don’t hesitate to get in touch either by email on or by sending me a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible,


Happy Quizzing!

Take care,


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