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Ok, bit a departure from my usual content discussing home office setups and equipment but given the current situation with people either working from home long term, many people worried about their current job and looking for alternatives or people just looking to find work from home jobs I thought I’d take a look at a few of the options available to help people out there. I’ll split this into categories. (disclosure : clicking on some of these links may result in the website owner receiving a small commission but at no extra cost to you)


Ad Hoc Opportunities

Other opportunites to make money from home cover almost everything you could think of. I’ve picked out a couple of the more “above board” ones.


One option I have found which may be useful and where you can get started straightaway is a site called Photojobz.

It is basically a site which will buy photos or rather you upload your photos and then hopefully sell them to people, however if you are into photography and have a good eye for an “instagram” type photo then maybe thats a good option.

I’m sure you have watched a few adverts on TV and thought that the slogans were rubbish and that you could do a lot better yourself – well – this opportunity might be right for you – Slogan Seller. So, the premise seems straightforward in that you write a catchy slogan, upload it to the website and wait until someone picks it up and uses it for an ad campaign at which point you’ll get paid, simple yes?

This third one is more of a stepping stone as the website will give you access to a home assembly and crafts directory which gives you direct access to over 250 companies who will deliver parts to your home so you can assemble them and you send them back the finsihed products. Examples of some of the things you would be able to choose from are bracelets, scarves, circuit boards, back supports, dolls and woodworking. So, while you’re sitting at home watching TV you could be earning some extra cash, doesnt sound bad at all. Link to that website is here.

If you enjoy writing, then you could consider writing for a living. Writer Help Wanted is again a stepping stone but a valuable resource giving training and insight regarding how to make extra money, and in some cases a full time job from writing articles etc. Take a look here.


Working From Home Part Time

Whilst full time work is perfect for those that are able to commit to 35 – 40 hours a week, its not suitable for everyone. With some people furloughed or those just wanting to supplement their income then part time work seems like the ideal solution.

There are a lot of companies who are looking for part time work from home employees, so here are just a few : Kaplan is an educational institution who supports remote flexible working and has various part time remote vacancies.

Lionbridge provides localization and data services in more than 350 languages

both in the US and worldwide and has a number of vacancies such as social media evaluator.

Pitchup is an online booking site for camping and caravanning in various locations around the world. They support part time and remote working and also had a number of vacancies in various locations when I looked including sales consultant, account co-ordinator and technical Project Manager.

Another place which has had opportunities for flexible working is Robert Half International – among those is Customer Service Representative, Senior Accountant and Senior Java Developer.


Working from home full time

A quick search on the internet proves that there are thousands of “jobs” out there for people willing to invest in setting up their own home business. In the current climate of Covid-19 and the resultant continual down turn in business in a lot of what I would call “traditional” work many people are looking to find alternative full time time jobs so what is there our there?

Full time jobs starting from scratch range from writing articles and transcription work with compensation ranging from $12 – $15 per hour. The companies I could find that offer such roles are Speakwrite , 99 Dollar Social and also a site called The Hoth

that pays people to create content and articles – paying around $95 for a 2000 word article. Another company which is currently hiring is WebFX. They are looking for a range of roles from digital media account managers to market research analsysts and remote copywriters currently.

If you have any personal assistance or spreadsheet experience then Belay might be an option they are looking for virtual assistants, virtual bookkeepers, website specialists and social media strategists. Another virtual assistant company is called Zirtual and they are currently looking for virtual executive assistants as well as sales associates, and growth consultant roles.

If you have customer service experience then look at Sykes, Working Solutions and even Apple as they all currently have openings for “at home” advisors. These all had current roles available when I looked at the sites preparing for this article so fingers crossed that you find something suitable.

Its clear that the pandemic is hitting people hard whether they have lost their job, worried about losing their job or have been furloughed. But, with some research and an open mind to try remote working hopefully you can see that it is possible to find opportunities in these difficult times.

If you are struggling at the moment trying to find a job or are on the lookout for people who would work remotely please get in touch and together we can see what we can do? I hope you found this article useful at this time. As always please feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have or a comment on the article. I am here to help.

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  1. The idea of working from home is really good because there, you do your work at your own pace and at your own convenient time. I really like to we he people look to make themselves their own boss and with articles like this, you have high chance of getting involved in some really good business 

  2. Oh, this is a very good post because I am really happy that you have explained that we cameey see companies where we would be able to work from home and make some good money. This is really good stuff and I happy to be a part of all of this. This is good stuff.

  3. Hello Dave, this is a really helpful compilation and description of different work from home opportunities, some of which are particularly helpful to our current circumstances, particularly Kaplan.  But they provide more than just work from home opportunities. You have really pulled some great gems together in this review, opportunities that are not that well known. For example pitchup – what a terrific resource that is.  Also Lionbridge. Have you personally used any of these companies or sites? Really helpful page.  More of the same please, I think there is demand for this, particularly now.

    • Thanks very much Trevor, I have not used any of these companies myself but have heard good things about them so wanted to pull something together at this difficult time.


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