Work From Home Jobs in 2021

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With many people in 2020 being forced to work from home due to the pandemic, or furloughed, or worse made redundant there was always going to be more people looking for new jobs. However, having had the experience of working from home, it has been well documented, that the majority of people don’t want to return to the way it was pre-pandemic. With this in mind I suspect that come the gradual return to work, a lot of people will begin looking for work from home jobs in 2021.

So what roles are available to people who are currently looking and where should you begin to look if you are just starting your search?

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There is a vast selection of jobs if you know where to look. Obviously, with the jobs being for remote working they are almost exclusively on-line but that makes it easier to find and also to apply. I’m going to avoid the obvious Multi – Level – Marketing jobs (MLM) which include the likes of Avon and Partylite which operate by signing you up (usually by you paying upfront for their beginners pack!) and then selling to friends and family. The multi – level part comes in when you sign people up to become sales rep and then you earn a % of their sales and so on.

Most of these companies, and the more legitimate ones, will not ask for money up front for you to “join”. If a company asks you to do that you have to ask yourself if they are interested in you working for them or just in the money you can give them. In addition, I am also not including mystery shopper sites. Although these provide a good opportunity, it’s not really TRUE work from home jobs as you still have to go out and about and visit various locations providing feedback.

If you have a computer, a network connection and can type there are a load of opportunities available:

TEXTBROKER – they provide a service creating original content for articles, product descriptions or advertising and are always on the lookout for writers to create content for their customers. If you are interested take a look at their website over HERE.


Helium Network – similar to the textbroker in that you create articles. This is more of a freelance type site. You create articles and post them to Helium’s website. Once submitted, it will (hopefully) get read by members and rated. The higher the rating, the more you earn, it’s as simple as that. Obviously, this is not a guaranteed salary time gig so might be a better part-time option to get started to see how things go or to create a secondary source of income. In addition, it also lets you practice your writing skills and see quickly what type of content works and what doesn’t – see their website over HERE



Brainmass – it’s like an online tutoring service – students at University and secondary schools, also high school and college for American students can buy credits to have questions answered on their schoolwork. As a tutor (preferably with a degree behind you) you would offer assistance and will receive a portion of the credit they use to get an answer. Again this is possibly not a full time role but would suit someone who was wanting to supplement their income. Check their website out over HERE.


YouGov – market researchers are always requiring input for topical government issues and the current thoughts of the “public” so signing up with them will give you the opportunity to share your views. Earn points and then convert the points into cash, easy enough. Check them out HERE

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Arise – this is a potential full time job role to be your own boss. You sign up and create your own micro call centre. You can then apply to work for suitable companies which match both your and their requirements. You may need to take part in a certification course which then ensures your knowledge is suitable for the companies needs. Once completed you sign up and begin your role. Simple – check them out over HERE.



Onespace – a website which matches freelance roles with applicants and companies. It will be dependent on the availability of roles and their suitability but enrolling is simple and once matched jobs become available they will let you know. Check them out over HERE


OutSec – if you have transcription experience (at least 2 years) and have a good typing speed then this might be a good fit for you. They provide transcription services to their clients and require people to type up notes from online meetings. So , you would get send a recording of a meeting and you type up the notes and return the file to them, again simple. Obviously, you will require to be accurate and quick. With various different sectors available, if you have specialised knowledge on the medical profession, for example, then this would be more beneficial. Check them out HERE



UserTesting – all you need for this role is a computer, an internet connection, be able to speak English, be over 18, a microphone and the ability to download their screen recorder and your set to go. You get paid to test websites or particular Apps. All easy enough and you can earn around $10 for every 20 minute test and more for interviews. Check out their website and sign up over HERE.


Flexjobs – this website has a load of job opportunities in various sectors for people who want to work from home. All jobs are vetted, and although you have to pay to join (it was currently $14.95 a month when I checked) it is a legitimate resource with worldwide job availability. Check out the website yourself over HERE.


So, that’s just a few places who are currently looking for people to join up and start creating content, test stuff out or just for typing. I’ll write another article regarding looking for online jobs soon, in the meantime I have another article over HERE which you may find beneficial as it details some other opportunities for making money online from just taking photos or submitting ones you already have on your own photo album to writing articles.

If you have any questions or any knowledge on roles that are available please let me know in the comments below. We can all help each other through this current pandemic together.

Good luck with your job search and take care,


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