What is The Best Home Office Chair – 2021?

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With it now over a year since people started working from home I thought it would be an ideal time just to update my search for comfort, style and functionality and ask the question, just what is the best home office chair – 2021?

Ergonomics is the Word

Now, prior to everyone office based working from home, ergonomics wasn’t something that I paid much attention to. I mean, I knew what it meant but I turned up at work and “the people who knew” ensured that the chair and desks that we all had were suitable and you had to trust that they provided the correct equipment. This last year though I’ve been bombarded by emails asking me to check as well as articles, tweets, pintrest boards and adverts advising that to avoid long term back problems I should be sitting on an ergonomic chair if working from home (usually these articles include really classy photos of beautiful desks in huge idyllic home offices overlooking vast gardens – and sometimes don’t even include a decent chair in the picture – that IS infuriating!)

Apologies – I digress. So what you need to find is a comfortable ergonomic chair, one that you can move to the correct height and is supportive of your lower back and spine. So let’s take a quick look through some of the best options available at the moment.


Leamington Chair

The Leamington Chair

This modern and comfortable executive chair certainly looks the part and with a gas pressured spring for height adjustment, controls for the back to tilt, or not, as well as being able to rotate through 360 degrees it’s not just looks that make this ideal.

It has thick padded seat and headrest areas making it really comfortable for those long days and has a mesh back to ensure you stay cool too.

For those looking for specifications they are 69 x 63 x 115-121 cm. It is currently available in both dark brown and black.

The great thing is that if you’re in the UK you get free shipping and it can be delivered within 3 – 6 days. Click on the link or the photo to get up to date pricing.


The Gognan Chair

This stylish and luxurious chair looks really comfortable. Coming with all the usual ergonomic features, this particular chair comes with the addition of its own back massage functions to relive fatigue and reduce stress. The cable – as you can see from the photo – can easily be plugged into the USB socket on your computer, or into a compatible wall socket and controlled by the buttons on the side of the chair – just perfect for that long zoom meeting.

the specifications for this model are 47 x 50 x 50 with the overall height adjustable between 103 to 114cm.

I like the combination of black synthetic leather and stainless steel legs which would fit in any office decor. Once again this model comes with free shipping. Click on the link or photo to get up to date pricing.



The Auerholz Chair

If its something with just a little bit more style you are after how about the Auerholz. With its adjustable steel frame it still allows you to work at the correct height for your desk and also the 5 castor wheel base allows you to smoothly swivel so comes with style and substance.

This model is 43 x 54cm and height wise can be between 85-98cm tall.

I really like the look of this chair as it carries with it a certain air of elegance that the previous chairs did not. I can see this chair in a home office with a designer or interior decorator, someone with a bit of an artistic nature to them.

As with the previous chairs this also comes with free delivery, this one was stating 1-3 days which is impressive. Once again click on the link above or on the picture to get up to date pricing.


The Vocklaben Chair

An executive chair with full ergonomic support and a modern style about it.

Although there is a leather look and feel to the chair it is a synthetic leather.

Fully adjustable to cover most positions for comfort, it also has the five-foot struts and castors making it very stable and easily moved.

The dimensions of this chair are 66 x 72 cm with a height of between 116 and 126cm.

To find out current price and availability just click on the link or the picture. When I was last on, delivery was 1 – 3 days and also had free delivery, great service.

TheErgo Stool Ergo Stool

Wait, is this even a chair? Well, the unique design of the Ergo-Stool encourages the user to sit in a way which reduces stress on the lower back.

It also distributes the users seated weight more evenly across the body which helps to achieve a more healthy and sustainable posture when sitting.

The chair can be adjusted to accommodate different sized users.

Coming in at 50cm tall, 48cm wide and 72cm deep it won’t take up much space and may really help you reduce back pain.

Click on the link or the picture to find out the latest pricing and availability.




The Freisau

A modern classic. This chair however is really comfortable and supportive.

It rotates through 360 degrees thanks to its gas strut pillar and five spoke stand with castors.

Fully adjustable height and cushioned back helps to support the back all day.

Dimensions are 50 x 71 x 60cm and it’s made from bent wood and artificial leather.

Looks really great. Delivery was available in 3 – 6 days the last time I was on the website.

Click on the link or on the picture to find out the latest pricing as they frequently have special deals on chairs as well as deals if you buy a chair along with a desk.



So, there we have it. A round up of some of the best home office seats available in 2021. Are there any of these seats you would be happy to have in your own home office space? Be sure to join in the conversation and let me know in the comments below. As ever I would be delighted to hear from you.


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6 thoughts on “What is The Best Home Office Chair – 2021?”

  1. I agree that a chair is very important if you work from home and spend a lot of time sitting. Ever since I was self-employed and working from home, my family has given me as a gift an ergonomic chair that is very similar to The Vocklaben Chair in terms of appearance and capabilities. It is really comfortable and I am very satisfied. However, since I have a small child at home, I stick to the rule of not sitting in a chair for hours, I’m working for an hour or two, and then being on the move again.
    However, I would really warmly recommend it to anyone who spends many hours in home office chairs to invest in a comfortable ergonomic chair, as this is a long-term investment for our health and well-being.
    I did not know that there are so many different options of these ergonomic chairs, thanks for the presentation, it was very interesting to see all these shapes and options.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hi Nina,

      That was very kind of your family buying your chair but i’m sure you’ll agree it was a worthwhile purchase and as you say an investment for your health and wellbeing. 

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

      Kind regards,


  2. Never knew there were so many different chairs to select from. I love the one with the usb cable. Love it if you connect the usb to a PC you can control applications on your PC by using the buttons on the chair. Love it! Must be very expensive though, but very efficient. Thank you for the article!

    • Hi Bernard,

      I wish it were true, but the USB cable only powers the massage capabilities built into the chair. Glad you enjoyed the article.



  3. Hello Dave, I agree about the fact that we need to invest in a comfortable chair since we are working from home most of the time. For me, it is necessary to buy a good chair because seating all day in a normal chair makes my back hurt most of the time. Reading your article and informing me better about these patterns here is helpful for me to make the right purchase. My favourite is the first one on your list, the Leagminton chair. It is economical, easy to clean, adjustable head position, comfortable, and at a good price.

    Thank you for sharing it


    • Hi Alketa,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, I would definitely place an ergonomic chair as the most important item to buy for the home office. The Leamington I like too- simple styling but comfortable and at a reasonable price too.




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