Thoughts on Corner Desks For the Home Office

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So, you’re in the market to buy a home office desk. A bit limited on space? Maybe you have the perfect wall space but there’s a radiator where you want to put it. One easy solution is to avoid the middle of the wall and place your desk right in the corner. A lot of desks now are designed to fit. If you want to take a look at some normal desk ideas head over to here.

It may be as simple as moving a standard office desk right into the corner of the room like in the picture here. The downside to this is the lack of space to the left, being right up against the wall obviously. The best option would be to invest in one of the many corner desks for the home office.

A corner desk will centralize the seating area giving space to both your right and left side (an important factor if your left-handed for example). The corner area is also an ideal place for a monitor as long as it’s not massive.

There are a few benefits as well as some drawbacks to a corner desk however and i’ll take you through those now.


Pros and Cons

One the main advantages to having a corner desk is the space-saving. Instead of having all the length of the desk against one wall, it is basically split against two. That sounds simple but it might make all the difference if you’re tight for space. It also means that you could end up with a lot bigger desk area than you could have had if you’d gone for the standard one. This gives you more space for the filing, and the stationary.
One other advantage, and this sounds silly, but everything is much closer to you. Either end of the desk will be easier to reach so a good choice if perhaps you are not as mobile or if you have lots of things you need to access frequently.

Corner desks often come with built in storage extensions for books, plants or that encouraging photo. I have used an Ikea corner desk before and it is great, tons of storage space and a place for extension sockets for all your electrics.


One of the biggest downsides to putting your desk in the corner of the room will be the distinct lack of natural light. It will be unusual for there to be a window right next to the desk given its location and a lack of light is not good when it comes to concentrating for long times staring at a computer screen. This however should not be a big issue as there are numerous lamps out there which are designed to radiate natural light perfect for brightening up the area and giving your eyes the break they need.



So What are the Options on buying Corner Desks for the Home Office?

I am a great believer in Ikea furniture and I often turn to their website, if not for a final purchase, then definitely for a look at what options they have. Their website usually has some great “in situ” photos which also may give you some additional ideas on placement and accessories. So head over here Ikea for a browse of some of their options.

Another great place for ideas is Wayfair who often have photos of the desks in home settings which allows you to see how they size up. Wayfair They also have a lot of budget options which is good.

Office Depot is another option. They don’t usually have helpful pictures of desks in locations but do offer a wide variety as well as having corner and L shaped desks split into budget categories so you know before you look, that you are in right budget bracket. There’s nothing worse than seeing that perfect desk and then realizing it WAY over budget.

I’m avoiding the obvious websites here but Best Buy have a good range and of course Amazon have a plethora of buying and delivery options offering all sorts of budgets.

Hopefully from this article you will have learn’t that the corner desk for a home office is a great idea for making the most of that free space you have. It does have advantages and the disadvantages can be easily dealt with so there’s really nothing stopping you from reclaiming that corner and turning it into a functional and attractive work space.

Thanks for reading. If you have turned a space into a home office I would love to hear about it and also feel free to make comments or ask questions in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Corner Desks For the Home Office”

  1. Hello,

    I’d definitely turn to Ikea for a home office. They have affordable and nice options and designs. Moreover, now you can even ask them to fix it for you at home, if you are not a fan of handiwork like me. I didn’t know about Office Depot as I live in France and it’s not very common here. Thanks for sharing the article!

    • Hi,

      Thanks, I know Ikea just do everything simply (and cheaply too) which is great. I tried to show websites which would be available in most places but understand that Office Depot is not available in France. That’s a pity, how about Conforama or as alternatives?

  2. I am currently looking to replace my standard desk so this was perfect timing upon your site. I have always been a fan of Ikea until I have to assemble them,I always end up with extra pieces somehow. For that resaon I only shop Ikea for ideas. Best Buy I think will assemble for you now,so my next corner office desk will be from there. I like the corner space because it frees up and makes the office less cluttered looking.


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