The Best Computer Desks for the Home Office

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With so many of us now working from home, and the likelihood of it being for longer than we originally thought, a lot of us are now looking to replace their temporary set up with something a bit more substantial. Add to this the fact that some companies will fund the replacement to ensure their employees are working at their best and what may have been a trip to Ikea is looking like a peek through some of the higher ticket options! But which computer desks are value for money, and which ones will look dated before you’re back in the office? Let me help you out by counting down my list of the top 5 best computer desks for the home office.

Click on the link in the text or on the picture to find out the latest price on each of the options, they change constantly so you may manage to bag a bargain!




If you’re unlucky enough to have found yourself working from home but don’t have a spare room to turn into the office. Or perhaps your other half has taken ownership of the spare room office, and you are in the dining room, you may well be interested in this offering. The Baumhaus Mobel Oak Hidden Home Office unit is a solid oak built unit which cleverly conceals all the computer equipment when not in use. It has stacks of space for a large tower computer unit, paper drawer, printer, router and the top drawer conceals a pull out desktop and keyboard space. Perfect for when you’ve finished work for the day and don’t want all the computer stuff staring at you in the evening.(click on the picture to see what the current price is and for more details – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Pro’s solid heavy duty bit of furniture / hides everything away come 5 o’clock / has matching cabinets / will last for years

Con’s it’s quite expensive / you won’t be able to move it once it’s in place






For a nice simple desk with no frills but solid and wide enough to actually be able to work on you, can’t do better than the Dripex Steel Frame Wooden Home Office Table. Okay, it doesn’t have any drawers or a place for your computer tower but for a home office or a bedroom, it fits the bill. It has some nice shelves on the left hand side that could be used for storage boxes, some reference books or a couple of photos of the kids.


 (click on the picture to see what the current price is and for more details – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


Pro’ssimple / sturdy / wont break the bank / wide enough to sit at comfortably and have space for keyboard and screen. 

Con’s no built in storage / nothing fancy / self assembly (some people, myself included, actually enjoy that kind of thing but I think I’m in a minority)






If you want to get really simple, but keep that sense of style with an industrial aesthetic then the Ibuyke computer desk should fit the bill. I’ve waded through a lot of desks and some of them are simple enough but either look flimsy or are too narrow for working at all the time. This is a full 60cm (that’s 24”) wide which is plenty space to sit at comfortably with a keyboard and monitor at optimum distance. It has plenty of desk space for a laptop, desk tidy and paperwork and will look good in the home office. It can easily be utilised as a writing desk or at a push a small dining table when it’s no longer required for working from home. The metal frame is sturdy and paired with the dark wood appearance looks modern.



(click on the picture to see what the current price is and for more details – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


Pro’smodern design / multifunctional / cheap / adjustable feet for those uneven surfaces

Con’s no storage whatsoever / self assembly (with the issues that go along with that)






Just as our office had been upgraded we went into lockdown back in March 2020 and we only got to spend one week in our new surroundings. It was a pity as all the desks had been upgraded to adjustable standing desks. I know from experience that sitting all day is not good for circulation and metabolism so I am including a height adjustable electric standing desk in my top 5 as I think its a great idea. The Flexispot EC1 adjusts from 73cm up to 123cm im less than 10 seconds – you do not want it moving too quick. It has an industrial quality steel frame which will support up to 70kg, more than enough for even the biggest pile of papers and computer screen. This particular model can also be “upgraded” with extras such as matching monitor stand to increase usable desk space, cable manager, PC holder as well as a lamp. The mechanism is simply controlled by two buttons. I must add that the frame, motor and other mechanisms are covered by a five year guarantee which gives peace of mind.


(click on the picture to see what the current price is and for more details – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


Pro’s – height adjustable for seated or standing work / quiet and smooth mechanism / well priced for range

Con’s – slightly more expensive / PC holder an extra cost / no built in storage






So, to the last choice. I have searched through hundreds of desks and have plumped for one which is not very expensive. I think the FMD Corner-combination desk is a great desk, deep enough to make sure you have plenty of room to work and plenty of strage options as well. It will even, if required, fit nicely into a corner or can go flat against a wall. IT has four open compartments for strage along with one drawer and one door compartment. The main desk section is almost 1 metre wide making it very roomy, with plenty of space underneath for legroom or for storing folders or books for example. Only downside I have seen from the reviews is that it is self assembly which can sometimes be a fine art if you dont like that sort of thing.



(click on the picture to see what the current price is and for more details – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


Pro’s – loads of space with an L shaped desk / cost effective / storage options

Con’s – self assembly / not so good for the smaller home office





So thats my pick of the current home office desks that are out there. Do you agree with my choice? Would you have chosen a different style of desk? What is your dream home office desk? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.







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  1. I’m glad that you listed some great desks for being in quarantine and working from home, but you could have really made the article stand out by actually showing amazon listings that have the price visible. Really will make things easier for a consumer to make a decision to buy something instead of expecting them to click on the name to be redirected to amazon to just see the price. Great article overall however!

    • Thanks for your comments. I had a link in the text, as you said, and also if you clicked on the picture, which maybe wasn’t too clear. So I have added in some text which hopefully makes it clearer, apologies if it was not. 

      So glad you like the article, and thanks again for the input.



  2. Very nice selection of desks with a good range of prices and styles. Even in a home office I would be number 5 for me. In another room, once you were finished for the day it becomes a lovely piece of furniture.
    I love the way everything has a place and most of all that it is solid wood. It is a lovely piece of furniture to have in any room.

    The others are all modern and functional, very nice too. A good selection, thank you for sharing.

  3. Adding the bits of professionalism to the way we set up our home businesses will determine a lot on how you achieve the very best here. Seriously, what has been shared here is good and the place of a computer desk can be integral and make a lot of difference too. It would be great. Thank you for sharing this


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