The Best Computer Desks for the Home Office Revisited

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Back last year I wrote an article about choosing a desk for your home office HERE. I thought I would write an update given the number of office desks that are available and give a slightly different perspective. So what are the best computer desks for the home office?

Well, like everything else a lot of this will depend on what your own personal circumstances; amount of space available, budget, style are all determining factors so I thought I’d take each one in turn and list a couple of options so that you can take your pick.

Short on Space?

This is a great option for those of us who are short on space. With built in storage, a great fold down desk wide enough for some real work and which all folds away leaving a handy chalk board for adding notes for family or weekly chores.

It doesn’t get much more compact than this, perfect for a kitchen or even a hallway.

I love how compact this desk is, but still plenty of room to work and store important documents and stationery. This would even work as a craft table with plenty of space.

To find out more details click HERE or on the picture to get up to date pricing. Last time I checked they were offering a discount as well as free delivery.


If it’s just a simple desk that you’re looking for then this desk may just be the solution. Simple

This simple desk is straightforward but still retains a hint of style about it. With its metal frame it is definitely sturdy and allows plenty of space for a monitor and a keyboard and mouse.

Sometimes it all that’s needed. Nothing fancy, just a desk that does what it’s designed to do.

This desk would be equally good for writing or as a homework desk for the children. I know it’s new, but a quick paint over the metal frame or the wooden desk and this could quickly match any style you have in the home. Equally, nice if just left in its original colours of course. Wood tends to blend in with so many styles and colours.

For the latest price click HERE or on the picture. Again, it was on offer when I looked and they were giving a 10% discount if bought with a chair as well as free delivery.


Budget Options

This last year has seen many companies suffer from falling sales and this has had an impact on the employees. The double whammy of being forced to work from home whilst being unsure of their job security has made for stressful times. It’s understandable that many people need to have somewhere to work but don’t want to go spending hundreds on the latest ergonomic chair or electric standing / seated desks. So here’s a couple of options for those on a budget.

Traile deskThis simple desk is perfect for the tight budget. With a sturdy metal frame and solid desktop it will fit easily into a small area

with dimensions (L x W x H) : 100 x 48 x 74 cm.

Like the Model T Ford this model comes in any colour as longs its black but that’s perfect for blending into the background and not creating a statement.

If you’re looking for a simple cheap desk which doesn’t get in the way then this fits the bill perfectly.

As with the previous desks, the website I saw this on is currently running a discount, as well as an offer for an extra discount if purchased with a chair.

(Here’s a quick tip: they are also offering a discount if you sign up for their news letter so that some more money off!)

On top of this they also give free delivery.

If you’re looking for something which is cheap but has a bit of style about it then how about this cross shaped desk. Again its

crossa great desk at the cheaper end of the market but with its double

height areas perfect for a laptop and monitor or a keyboard and mouse.

The X design is a stylish accent to a simple design. With a compact size too (L x W x D): 77 x 48 cm x 81 cm it will certainly fit in most small spaces but give you a lot of workspace for that work from home situation or for homework.

Check out the website by clicking on the picture or on the link HERE to find out their latest deals and offers which as with other desks I looked at all offered free delivery.




A Bit of Style?

when it comes to getting a desk for working from home then sometimes, especially if the desk is going to sit in a communal area or if you already have a style that you want to maintain then you need to have something with a a bit of “room presence” so here are a couple of options that ooze style…….

Big X desk

With its big X style frame doubling as shelf space and large working surface this desk is certainly not shy!

In the colours here (light mocha and burgundy) it certainly makes a statement, but it is also available in other, less dramatic colours, such as plain white and white / anthracite.

Made from wood it comes in at 60cm H x 140cm W x 75cm D and would look good in a modern bright room.


This Italian inspired desk certainly has style Fenneliand would look great in an industrial themed space teamed up with some open brickwork or some metal framed shelving. You get the idea!

With its metal frame and wooden desk top it offers plenty of room for working as well as giving tons of storage space for stationery or filing.

The dimensions of this desk are (L x W x H): 130 x 55 x 75 cm so a great space for working and plenty of room for a full size keyboard and monitor.


One More……………

I can’t finish off without mentioning the ever-increasing availability of standing / sitting desks.


with this sit stand desk you get the option of changing the height by use of an electric motor which silently moves the desk top between 62cm and 128cm so you can decide whether to work sitting down or standing up.

Sitting for long periods of time has been shown to slow blood flow and lead to health issues. Especially working from home it has become increasingly important to ensure you are getting enough movement and exercise so these desks ensure that.

It is able to support up to 125kg on the desktop so will more than cope with a couple of monitors, a laptop, printer and any other peripherals you have. You can preset the controller to move to your preferred heights and also has a handy sit-stand timer alarm to ensure you don’t sit down too long during the day (its so easy to lose track of time if you’re working on something!). Also, coming with a 5-year guarantee this certainly gives peace of mind for both your pocket and your health.

So, that’s my quick update on a few choices for desks based on budget, style and space. I’ve found this great website offering a variety of styles and prices for office desks as well as chairs and accessories. All today’s desks are available HERE from a company called Simple WFH if you want to get a look at their complete range. Definitely worth a look.


Do you agree with my choices for the desks or would you have chosen a different style? I would love to hear from you so please add to the discussion in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.


Take care,



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  1. Hi Dave, thank you so much for this post. I absolutely love the originality of the space saving one that folds away and i also love the x-design ones that make more of a statement. I will definitely keep this in mind for one of my projects going forward. It is really great that this is a one stop place for anyone looking for either work or school or both. 

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks very much for your comments. Yes, I do love some of the different styles that they have available. I plan to write another couple of articles on some of their designs. I think corner desks are a great idea for saving space and maximising work space so look out for that one coming soon. 

      Take care,



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