Some Great Home Office Desk Organizing Ideas……..

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Working from home is currently the way lots of people are working at the moment, and for the foreseeable future. As it becomes more popular – around 80% of people who have been working from home say that they do not want to go back to commuting full time – its important that your working environment is the best you can make it to ensure an efficient work space. Add to that the fact that lots of people are either sharing their work space with family or that their “office” becomes the kitchen table at night it is important to keep everything ship shape. So here are a few home office organizing ideas to get you started………..



It may seem like an obvious change to make but it will definitely help when it comes to focusing on the subject in hand. It may seem like a good idea to have all your papers on your desk in case you need to look at something but it is a distraction – and more to tidy away at night. Where possible move important notes off your desk on to a white board or a cork board close by freeing up that important desk space – it may be a lot smaller than your desk at work, remember.

Decluttering also means moving other distractions out of the area. Once you have read that morning paper, or the mail then move it away, otherwise you’ll be tempted to look at it again later.

Another decluttering idea is to move stationary and pads of paper into drawers. If you are lucky enough to have a desk with drawers then perfect but if not, consider getting some desk top drawer organizers or even an accordion style file organizer to keep those documents separate and in good order. I have an Ikea trolley cart which is ideal for keeping all those stationery bits and pieces off the desk as well as being handy. Stationery in the top, printer paper in the middle and envelops and paper pads in the bottom. Another idea for getting cleared up is to go through that stack of old paperwork, do you really need it? If not, then it might be time to get hold of a small shredder, and get rid of it.



Have a think about what you use every day and what you only use once in a while, I know that since I have been working from home I print off far less than I did at work, therefore the stapler, punch and staple remover have been relegated to the back of the drawer in favor of the M&M’s which now sit at the front…..! I still keep the printer close by though just in case, some things are better read from a sheet of paper than on a screen I find.

Like the stapler, there’s probably a lot of things that you use a lot less than you would at work, That big desk phone with the fancy screen has gone (thankfully) and is now pretty much integrated into your laptop.

Put the things that you are using a lot close by and decide what you don’t use as much. One way of prioritizing documents is to use a set of paper trays. They usually come in sets of three and are a great way of differentiating between the work that must be done today from the work that’s not due until the end of the week.

Prioritizing things includes decluttering (if you’ve already done this then you can go on to the next step) but take a look at everything on your desk, do you NEED that hand carved business card holder you got as a birthday gift, if not then relegate it to a shelf somewhere. Space is at a premium in your home office and therefore you have to be a bit tough.





Space is indeed at premium so it pays to be strict with what you have and what you move off your home office desk. One item I have found to be a great benefit is the laptop stand. Not only does it angle your laptop making the screen higher and more comfortable to use but it also frees up so much more desk space.

Its possible to push the laptop right to the back of the desk. I have a cordless keyboard and mouse, it has the dual benefit of being a full size keyboard rather than the laptop one (much easier when it comes to inputting numbers) and being cordless there are no trailing cables for both keyboard and mouse giving that minimalist, uncluttered look.

For lighting try not to have a desk light which is really bright or “in your face” – it will tire your eyes out quickly as well as making you look quite ill on a zoom meeting. A combination of natural light from a window (preferably not behind you) and some soft white lights should do the trick.

I have utilized a couple of (Ikea) anglepoise lights attached to the back of the desk and have angled them up so that there’s no direct light but it is reflected off the roof. It still gives me bright light to work (when the sun has gone) but firstly is not too glaring and secondly does not utilize much desk space, a win win situation.




So what do you have in your current home office? Do you want to make any further suggestions or have any brilliant ideas? Please do comment on any of the idea on this page or any of my other posts. Look forward to hearing from you soon.




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