So What is the Best Home Office Chair?

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There are a lot of different options when it comes to buying an office chair for your perfect home office setup. A lot of it will come down to personal preference, budget and use. so lets take a look at a few options.

Budget Options

When it comes to buying the home office chair, the main factor will be budget. As you will be sitting in it for possibly eight hours a day, five days a week, if not more, it is important to ensure that it is the most comfortable and supportive one that you can afford, basically do not be stingy on buying the chair!

At the very least make sure the chair you buy is height adjustable. This will ensure that you can sit comfortably and that your lower back is in the correct position.

If you are really tight for budget firstly check some of the local charity shops and also have a look at office furniture supply websites. As companies downsize their offices with the downturn in business and also as more and more people are working from home, some of the office furniture suppliers will have heavy discounts on new and possible high quality second hand office chairs. Places like Ikea always have good value quality chairs at very reasonable prices. alternatively you could try looking at the following locations:

Furniture Wholesalers

National Office – Furniture Supplies

Office Reality



Mid Priced Options

As soon as you decide to spend a bit more money on your perfect Office Chair the options open up, as does the terminology – you suddenly get choices such as ergonomic, mesh backed, and will have additional extra features such as headrests or arm rests. Something to consider is to take a look at gaming chairs.

Gamers have for a long time now been spending hours and hours in front of a screen well before the current lockdown situation and so there is a wide range of super comfortable and supportive chairs, although some of them maybe a bit colourful for some.

Another aspect of the office chair which will affect your purchase choice is the type of material. I am currently working at home in a small box room which gets very warm come the afternoon and I dread to think what it would be like sitting on a leather seat all day – something to consider.

Most of the main office suppliers mentioned above will have higher priced chairs which give additional features. But here are a few others who stock mid priced office chairs:

Bed Bath & Beyond




The Skys The Limit

OK, so perhaps a throne isnt such a good idea – it doesnt even have a height adjustment.

Once you start looking at more expensive chairs the sky is very much the limit. One name that keeps cropping up is Herman Miller who has a great design in chairs as well as being very comfortable. One of their most popular chairs is the Embody Chair which gives you the sense that you are floating rather than sitting.

Other manufacturers that rank are Steelcase and X-Chair. One tip I always find useful, especially when I want to buy something expensive is to take a look at the manufacturers website as they have all the information you could want to find out and then once you have decided, go straight to amazon and check out the price there, it is normally cheaper but you will have all the information you need to have made your decision.

So take a look at the websites below:

Herman Miller






So, which option to go for? At the end of the day the choice will be completely yours however, remember that you will be sitting in your new home office chair for 35 hours a week, perhaps more, so make sure you spend time to check the options and go for the chair at the highest end of the market that you can go. Scrimping on the cost now may end up paying you dear later so think carefully on your choice.

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