Sit to Stand Desks for the Home Office

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Now I don’t know about you but I have been finding that working from home means more sitting. At the office there are meetings you need to go to, a trip to the photocopier every so often, the coffee machine, the bathroom, someone asks you a question – it all adds up! So when it comes to working at home it makes sense to have a sit to stand desks for the home office. There are plenty of sit to stand desks on the market, and it’s one of those – how much do you want to spend – type of purchases but what if you just need a one at a reasonable price – what are your options?

sit to stand deskSo what are the Benefits?

So it’s well-known now that sitting down all day is not good for you. It’s not good for your back, for your posture or for your circulation. I mean it obvious that given the circumstances we’re all working at home and not moving as much as we did at work. Just by looking in the mirror (speaking for myself here definitely) and the extra couple of hours here and there on top of the proximity to the fridge then it’s almost been inevitable that we’ve gained a couple of pounds.

As much as I joke about this it’s a fairly serious issue and one that should be addressed either by increasing the amount of exercise you are doing or by trying to be more active while working. One of the easiest ways is by using a standing desk. Now I briefly got to use one before lock down as we had new ones installed in our office and I have to admit I was a fan. Not so much in the open-plan area as you quickly became the target for a bit of abuse – think office equivalent of sticking your head above the parapet! but it was an easy way to get the blood flowing and you could move around a bit if you were on a zoom call.

Similar to exercise I think that you need to build up to it. It’s no use trying to stand all day at work if you’re not used to it and the first day I did end up going home with a sore back just from standing for so long, but I think if you slowly increased the amount of time that you used it that you would become accustomed to it.

So What are Options?

As with similar reviews I’ve done of desks and laptops and other home office equipment, I’ll go with a few options staring with a budget option:

One of the simplest options is what’s called a ladder desk. Made from a high quality bamboo material this desk allows you to easily and quickly change the height of the monitor from the ideal height for sitting to a comfortable height for standing.

ladder desk

As you can see it deceptively simple in it’s construction and comes with two adjustable shelves for monitor, or laptop and keyboard.

The height is adjustable from 9.4 inches to 18.1 inches (22 to 46cm) giving you plenty of height to move between sitting and standing.

The computer / monitor shelf is 66 by 23cm so plenty of room for a good sized monitor.

It will cope with 5kg easily so should be good for the flat screen monitor.

It even comes with a separate stand for a headset, post-it’s and a couple of pens creating an ideal work station.

Check out the website HERE or click on the photo for further details – they are always running deals so you may be able to bag a discount as well as free delivery if you’re lucky.

Mid Range

If it’s something a little bit bigger that you are looking for then this model might be just what you need.

sit stand compactThe sit and stand compact is a height adjustable dual level desk top stand which will allow you to have two monitors or a monitor and a laptop (as can be seen from the photo).

It can easily be adjusted for height by a level on the right-hand side of the unit which utilises a gas strut to make it easier to move.

The top shelf is 80cm by 40 cm and is height adjustable between 11 – 51cm.

Can be left flat to use while sitting and then adjusted to allow the user to stand very quickly so allows for flexible working between sitting and standing – ideal for those long zoom meetings when you need to sit down!

check out more details HERE – or click on the photo – again there are often great deals on with free delivery and discounts. As I checked they were running a big discount on buying this model and a chair so worth having a look to see!

Heavy Duty


For something a little bigger still how about this model:

vivo desk

The Vivo desk stand comes in at 91 cm wide and can, as you can see, hold two monitors.

The keyboard tray moves along with the monitor shelf as it rises up ensuring it’s always at the ideal height for working.

Dual pneumatic springs make it easy to move between sitting and standing heights

Made from solid steel the frame can easily handle up to 15kg of weight.

Check out HERE if you want to find out more or click on the photo (as an Amazon associate I earn money from any purchases made but this in no way affects the price that you pay)






Why Not?

Now I know that this was mainly about the sitting standing desk options available but given the price of the last option at the time of writing, for a little more you could get a basic standing desk anyway so……………..



This 110 x 60cm electric standing desk can be adjusted between 72 to 122cm all at the touch of a button.

It has three memory presets so you can set your preferred heights and away you go.

Full aluminium frame (and comes with a 3 year warranty) so is sturdy and light.

Can handle up to 80kg easily so useful for the heaviest of computers and monitors.

Has safety features which prevent damage to other objects whilst moving.

If you want to find out more take a look over HERE or click on the photo.

(as an Amazon associate I earn money from any purchases made but this in no way affects the price that you pay)

So there we have it. A quick look at a few different sitting and standing desks that are currently available. I’m plumping for the mid range one (not just because I have a white desk) but I think it’s simple and gives me enough space. I have written another couple of articles regarding desks (including an electric one) so take a look over HERE for some further recommendations.

I wish I had bought this at the start of lock down though as I know that I have a bit of a leg / hip ache from sitting so much but better late than never! At least I know that if / when I do eventually go back to the office I have my fancy electric desk to look forward to – it’s something to pass the day if nothing else!

What is your favourite? do you prefer the natural bamboo option for do you like having the luxury of pushing a button and watching it move on it’s own? Let me know in the comments below or if, indeed you have already purchased one of these let me know your thoughts on how it works? I would, as ever, love to hear from you.

Take care,


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4 thoughts on “Sit to Stand Desks for the Home Office”

  1. Hello there! Oh wow, this is a great post! I guess ever since the pandemic, I have been on the computer more than ever before. I do take short breaks here and there but most of the time I am most likely slouching forward when using the computer. I don’t have back pain yet but I can imagine that I might in the future. I have heard of these types of desks before but never really thought about getting one. I will look more into it. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, its been a steep learning curve and although it may not feel sore just now your back will let you know sooner or later that its not enjoying the slouching for sure! 

      I like these desks as they are a cheaper alternative to the full electric sit and stand desks although these days they are coming down in price a little. 

      Let me know how you get on with your search.

      Take care,


  2. Hello, Dave!
    That’s a fabulous product! Nowadays more people are working from home mostly due to the Covid19 pandemic and some are getting posture and circulation issues for sure.
    The sit and stand compact would definitely be my choice. Not only does it look fabulous but it would also fit my needs.
    Working from home or not is a controversial topic but once you have to do it, do it as comfortable as possible, right?
    Thanks for sharing and keep safe!

    • Hi Antonio,

      Yes, these products make a real difference to keeping the correct posture and saving your back from pain. You are exactly right with your comment – if you have to do it, do it as comfortable as possible – completely agree. 

      You too Antonio – stay safe and take care.



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