Perfect Lighting for the Home Office

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So, you have got your desk set up, comfortable ergonomic chair and your computer screen is at the correct height. That’s it’s right?

WRONG – another factor that is equally important as all of these is lighting. Proper lighting of your work space will have a big impact on your concentration, your mood and even your posture. So what are the factors to take into consideration and what creates the perfect lighting for the home office?

Nature Knows Best

Of all the sources of light you can choose the best and the first one you should consider is natural light. You should try, wherever possible, to get as much natural light into your home office setup as you can. Ideally your computer monitor should face away, or be at right angles to, the natural light source. You don’t want to be creating glare on your screen which will increase strain on your eyes and result in poor concentration, headaches and poor posture.

lightingNatural light is very beneficial so you should be trying to maximize the amount in your room.

Things you can do to increase natural light include:

1) Getting rid of curtains – this will increase window area and therefore the amount of light coming in.

2) Hang a mirror on your wall – A well-placed mirror will reflect natural light around the room brightening up dull corners.

3) Room colour – A nice bright colour on the walls will lift a room making it much brighter so ditch the moody dark colours and go for a nice bright “off-white” colour scheme (you probably don’t want the place to look too clinical). An eggshell wash will help with the brightness being slightly reflective. Something else you may want to consider is the floor covering. If it’s a dark carpet you may want to think about getting a light rug which will lift the colour of the whole room.

Increasing the natural light in your home office will help boost the intake of Vitamin D reducing the risk of some cancers, weight gain and also heart disease. It will also help alleviate SAD (seasonal effective disorder) and help improve your sleep. Having natural light in your room will also decrease your dependence on artificial light so the more natural light you can get the better. If it’s not possible to increase the amount of light coming in, then for your health I would recommend getting outside where possible. Lunch breaks outside or just simply going for a walk will get some vitamin D benefits.

Lighting your Office

Where you are unable to increase the natural light or where this needs to be supplemented (especially in winter) then you need to choose the appropriate lighting for the tasks you are performing. Lighting will fall into two main categories for your home office, namely ambient and task lighting.

Creating the Right Ambience

It is important to have enough background light so that shadows are kept to a minimum. What you are trying to avoid here is lightsdirect glare as well so try to make sure that lights are angled to bounce off the ceiling or walls to fill the room. I have two angle poise lamps attached to the back of my desk. I have these pointed up most of the time to illuminate the ceiling and bounce light off. Occasionally, I will turn the lamps down to face the desk if there are documents to read or writing to be done giving a much more focused light directly on to the task.

Taken to Task

As I’ve just said some office activities require a bit more than ambient lighting such as reading and writing so a more focused approach to lighting is required. The angle poise light is great for this type of work as they can be placed at the best angle for the work in hand. Remember that you are still trying to keep shadows to a minimum so try to place the lamp in the correct location to achieve this.


Choices, choices………….

So given these recommendations what are the lights that I would suggest for your home office.

So based on my own experience (and the one I have in my current set up) I can recommend the Adjustable swing arm work lamp which comes with a clamp so that it can be clamped to the back or side of your desk freeing up work space. As it is an angle poise it can be adjusted to get the best position and can even be directed upwards to reflect light off the ceiling and walls. I have two of these so have flexibility in lighting both the desk directly and upwards for ambient lighting. Highly recommend.

lamp(click on the image above to get the most up to date price – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

PRO’s – Can be angled to best light position whether direct or ambient / keeps desk space clear

CON’s – Doesn’t come with a bulb


In addition to the Angle poise lamp if light is an issue I would recommend a floor uplighter to increase the ambient light in the room. The Teckin uplighter floor lamp would be perfect as it’s light faces the roof flooding the roof with warm reflected light. It also has a dimmer function for getting the lighting level just right.


(click on the image above to get the most up to date price – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

PRO’s – Creates ambient light for the whole room / dimmable to suit own preference / only 20W so running costs low

CON’s – You can have it in any colour as long as it’s black!


I previously wrote an article about buying gifts for the home office person in which I included a great desk lamp, which could also charge your phone at the same time. Take a look over here to see it.

Classic Design – for those of you who have a certain image to keep and require something with a bit of style and elegance then it has to be the ARTLAMP bankers lamp with green glass shade doesn’t it? I don’t think I need to add anything………



(click on the image above to get the most up to date price – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

PRO’s – It just screams classic

CON’s – To be fair it’s probably not the most ergonomic



So, there we have it, the best options for lighting your home office to get the best out of the natural light as well as ensuring the lighting you add in provides sufficient light for the best working environment.

What do you think? Do you have any issues with your current home office or is it correctly lit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.


Take Care.





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