More Playlists for the Office

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More Playlists for the Office

A while back I wrote an article regarding the benefits of listening to music while working (you can read it HERE) I was really surprised at how much of a positive impact music has while you are working so I thought I would follow it up with some more playlists for the office.

The statistics for listening to music are really impressive :

  • 90% of workers will perform better when listening to music
  • 88% of employees produce more accurate work when listening to music
  • Listening to classical music improves accuracy by 12%
  • Dance music improves proofreading speed by 20%
  • 58% of people completed data entry tasks faster when listening to pop music

It’s clear that listening to music has a positive impact and also that listening to particular music for certain tasks helps improve performance.

Probably less known is the long term health benefits of listening to music – it will reduce stress and anxiety, decrease pain, aids memory and increases motivation.

As we have already found out, and we know from our own experiences, different types of music affects us in different ways. An interesting experiment was carried out by the Psychology Faculty of the BUAP University in Mexico. This experiment was conducted by Professor Roberto Valderrama Hernandez and he was trying to find out the effect of heavy metal music on anxiety. Heavy Metal

He tested 137 psychology students to determine their level of anxiety before, during and after listening to heavy metal music. He discovered that the subjects became more anxious while listening to this music and concluded that this “hard and fast” music stimulated the sympathetic nervous sytem which in turn increased physical and psychological tension. If this build up is not released through movement such as dancing or some type of exercise the energy accumulates and results in the anxiety increase.

This would explain the need to dance at nightclubs, its almost a primal instinct to possibly keep anxiety at lower levels.

Of course, I’m certainly not advocating listening to heavy metal while working however in certain circumstances it would be beneficial such as at the gym or out for a run.

On the other hand, classical music or instrumental music are known to have the opposite affect and are used in hospitals and other places to reassure us and keep us calm.

Mozart’s music has been shown to prove that participants who listened to ten minutes of a happy Mozart sonata prior to taking a cognitive test performed better than those who did not.

So to cover all bases I’m going to include a few different genres of playlist that I think you may like. Of course, music is very subjective and what one person may like, another may absolutely detest (I’m thinking back to the great Oasis v Blur wars of the 90’s)

What I would suggest is if you find one you don’t like or even find that you don’t particularly like any of them, then please add a link to a playlist in the comments – the more people who do this the better and will give us a larger choice. I’ve stuck with Spotify for my playlists but don’t be afraid to add in your own listings of songs or whatever streaming service you use.

so without further ado – here are some more playlists for the office (and home office obviously)…………………

Music for a Workday 

This has some cracking tunes such as The Waterboys – The Whole of The Moon, Florence + the Machine – You’ve Got the Love, Raspberry Beret by Prince and a load of other songs picked from across decades of music – some of which I hadn’t heard for ages – and across a number of genres so if a tune comes on you’re not too keen on, you’re sure that another good one will be just round the corner.  Lasting eight hours and thirty minutes means that you’re unlikely to hear the same song too so a great length for a workday.


Classical Music for Concentration

Including all the classic…….classical music this playlist reads like a who’s who of classical music with Chopin, Schubert, Bethoven, Bach and Brahms.

What I really like about this playlist is that there’s a few “modern classics” in there too so instrumentals from the Amelie soundtrack and also from Schindlers List so something for everyone. All designed to keep you focused on the job in hand.

This is a great list if you really need to focus on work and not end up singing along (everyone does that, don’t they?)

Work From Home 

This is another long playlist which should see you through the whole day without any repeats. Coming in at eight hours and thirty four minutes this playlist has both up to date hits such as Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles as well as some older tunes  such as Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. With a broad range of music including Keane, The Weeknd and Avicii there’s bound to be something that you’ll like on this playlist.

It’s great that you can just start the playlist as you start work and you don’t need to do anything until you’re clocking off.

Peaceful Piano


If its more concentration music you need then this playlist should be perfect.

With well over thirteen hours of gentle piano music to see you through nearly two days of work this will allow you plenty of different background pieces which although beautiful and musical are definitely not going to distract you.

With pianists such as Niall Byrne and Astride Perrot this is a very melodic playlist.

If you love the piano then this playlist is meant for you.

This would be equally good to relax to after a hard day at work as its calming, soft piano pieces would be great to unwind to.

The Stress Buster

If we’re speaking about relaxing then the playlist entitled The Stress Buster will help you do that. Perfect for ensuring you leave work stress free this playlist has over five hours of tunes and ambient melodies. All you need to do is to shut your eyes and breath deeply and you’ll be relaxed in no time.


Now I’ve only pulled a couple of all-nighters at work when the pressure was on but this playlist is supposed to keep you focused with its electronic and trap beats. I’d say that I would test it out but I’m just not willing to stay up all night to see if this playlist lives up to its promise (Ed: absolutely no commitment is there?) but a listen for while and I have to admit it would be good to have on in the background if I was trying to concentrate on something and to get it done.

With just over four hours of music its not going to last all night without repeating itself but the tunes are all instrumentals – and you’re hard at work – so you probably won’t notice their playing again.



Well, thats a quick run down of some of the playlists out there that would help you to get through your day (or night) working in the office or indeed working from home. Do you listen to your own playlist or maybe just put the radio on in the background? Now, I find the radio a little distracting as there’s always someone talking away and I can’t concentrate on more than one thing at a time so find I get distracted so its playlists for me all the time. Don’t get me started on those people who are able to have a TV on in the background, that’s just a BIG NO from me, what were we saying about music being subjective??

Be sure to let me know of any of your favourite playlists that you enjoy listening to in the comments below and we can build up a list of options for people to listen to.

Take care,


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2 thoughts on “More Playlists for the Office”

  1. Hi Dave

    I find listening to fast paced music usually with no words helps me to concentrate best, as well as making me feel as thought I’m getting more work done! That “all-nighter” playlist sounds right up my street – will have to give it a listen!



    • Hi Jenny,

      I completely agree with you, I find the words can be distracting especially when I need to concentrate so usually change it to instrumentals when needed.

      I hope you don’t feel obliged to pull an “all-nighter” in order to listen to the playlist.

      Take care,



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