How Can I Earn Money Working From Home?

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One of the phrases I hear much more frequently since the start of the pandemic is “how can I earn money working from home?”. I can understand why; with so many people facing an uncertain future, or worse, having been made redundant on top of being locked down and unable to go out. It’s obvious that they would turn to the internet to see if an income can be made whilst staying safe in their homes.

The WFHbad news is that the pandemic has brought out the worst in a lot of people who are preying on those who are vulnerable and desperate unfortunately.

Online scams and seemingly tempting offers have always been there but they are seeing rising numbers of people searching, sometimes desperately, for sources of on-line work and they are taking full advantage of that.

The thing about a lot of these sites is that they are just so appealing – they usually promise that you can make a lot of money, usually they have a secret method that they have discovered, usually they have been exactly where you are now – you know the type of site I mean. It all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Now I’m not saying that all of these sites are going to rip you off but (and I know this is a cliche) but if it sounds too good to be true then…………………….! I can honestly say that I’ve joined up to a couple myself thinking that it would be an easy way to make money, but then there’s the slow realisation that the only people making money are those running the website, always nice to see the Lamborghini they’ve bought though!

The good news however is that there are tons of legitimate ways to earn money working from home but with so many options which is the correct one to choose, and is there even just one way to go about it?

How Do you Solve a Problem?

So why do you use the internet? It’s a simple question, but usually one which throws up many answers – watch Netflix, buy stuff, keep in touch with people are just a couple of answers. But, why did you end up reading this article today? You were looking for an answer to the question – how can I earn money working from home? – and you ended up here. So, in essence, you had a problem and you were looking for an answer, a solution to your problem, and that, is what you need to think of when you are thinking of making money online. It’s as simple as that, that’s what all these scam sites are doing, offering you a potential solution to your problem, that’s what I’m trying to do as you are reading (I hope you’re still reading???).

I appreciate that this is a fairly basic concept but if you understand this then it becomes easier to move on to the next stage which is….providing the solution!

figure it outA quick search on Google (there are other search engines available!) and you will quickly find that the “make money online” category is probably one of the biggest with plenty of “solutions” out there.

The trick is to find one that is legitimate and hopefully that’s what I’ll help you with today.

So, what can you do? Do you write, can you make stuff, do you know the perfect way to make pancakes? Can you type? Do you speak more than one language?

These are all handy skills to have and ones which, as we’ve found out, can provide a solution to people who are searching for answers.

Okay, so I have a skill, but how do I provide a solution to people – how do you get to the point where you are in a position to connect to the people with the problem?

Find An Outlet?

The outlet you use will depend on what skills you have or what you are willing to do to. There are a load of ‘freelancer’ type websites which allow you to advertise your skills and then match you up to people who are looking for them. Here are three:

Fiverr – this site allows you to advertise in such areas as ‘graphics and design’, ‘digital marketing’, ‘writing & translation’, ‘video & animation’, ‘music & audio’, ‘programming & Tech’, ‘business’ and ‘lifestyle’. There are areas for anyone to allow them to start helping out someone from tutoring, helping people to speak English and fitness classes to name but three.

Freelancer – Similar to Fiverr and aimed more at the specialist market there are areas such as graphic design jobs, websites, data entry, finance, manufacturing and logistics.

Upwork – again similar to the previous two with a huge number of jobs available in many sectors. From accountants to website designers to virtual assistants

These are three of the most popular gig type websites there are, but there are more out there if you have a quick look.

Another option would be to become a writer. With many people setting up their own website content becomes important and continually creating new content becomes increasingly difficult. If you have an interest or some specialist knowledge on a particular subject then it would be worth concentrating on that ‘niche’ as you will be considered to have a more valuable insight into the subject.

Examples of content writing websites are:

Problogger – with gigs such as long term writer DIY / home soundproofing blog and fiction / romance writers / fisherman writer wanted to write fishing equipment reviews – there is definitely something for everyone here.

Blogging Pro – lists freelance / full time / part-time / temporary jobs

Freelance Writing – with roles such as copywriter / content marketing manager / social marketing content creator there is a lot of options here as well, well worth a look.

Those are just three options to look at when it comes to writing. Many more exist out there if you want to take a look, search out freelance writing jobs.

Website Creation


If you are happy to write articles on a subject but don’t want to go down the freelancing path there is another option and that is to create your own website.

As I have done, its not difficult, you just need to have a subject which you are passionate about, a bit of experience and knowledge about and be willing to put in the time to write articles about it. Can I just stress that this option is not difficult, it just takes some training and some help to get things set up properly. The route I have gone, and one I can not recommend highly enough is Wealthy Affiliate – they are a great bunch of people who have taught me the all about content writing, setting up a website, and then setting it up to start making money from it. They even have a complete training course which takes you from setting up your website simply through all the steps. With on-line support and a great community spirit they really are the best when it comes to getting started.

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick plan then joining Wealthy Affiliates is not it, but it will give you the training and skills required to set up a website and enable you to create a long term prospect to make money if you are willing to put in the effort. As I say, I can’t recommend them highly enough.


With the number of options to make money online growing every day I feel like I need to continue this article and give a few more ways to earn online from home. So please come back soon as I will continue with some more ideas and suggestions on making money from home – part two is over HERE. In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch in the comments below and I will get back to you.

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2 thoughts on “How Can I Earn Money Working From Home?”

  1. It can take awhile to find your work from home niche. I have used problogger, and upwork to find jobs. I really enjoy getting paid to write blog posts. I have found Wealthy Affiliate helpful in learning the basics of affiliate marketing and I use them for my own website. I personally do a combination of paid freelance writing and my own affiliate marketing. It is nice to get paid a few hundred dollars for an article right away. Building your own website and attracting an audience can take quite a bit of time. 

    • Hi Melinda,

      Thanks for your insight, getting paid for individual articles straight away does seem like a great option when you’re getting a few hundred for an article, wow. 

      Seems like you’re getting the best of both worlds both getting paid straight away and investing time in your own website. 

      thanks and take care,



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