How Can I Earn Money Working From Home? – Part 3

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Following up my (what is becoming a series!) article about ways to earn money working from home – part one is over HERE and part two is HERE if you haven’t yet read them.

I still had another couple of ideas for those of you who are looking to earn money working from home, so Let’s get started and continue onward…………….

working from homeVirtual Assistant?

With many people now choosing to work from home and become entrepreneurs there is a rising request for some assistance in the day to day running of the business in order that the entrepreneur can concentrate on entrepreneuring or something like that!

Performing the “back office” type of work like customer support, processing orders and bookkeeping and even social media virtual assistants are there to provide the help whenever needed.

Websites such as Indeed or Upwork and also Virtual Assistant Jobs have a selection of jobs available so go and have a search through to see if there’s anything that your skills would be useful for. In addition to re actively looking for roles, you could always proactively set up your own presence on social media and advertise your skills to the right areas on Linked-In and possibly Twitter.


These days it doesn’t take years of struggling, writing your first novel in a bedsit somewhere and trudging round publishers trying to sell them on your book idea. With a computer and an internet connection you can create your own book. With software such as Bibisco you can even plan out the details and characters of that novel you’ve always wanted to write before getting down to writing the actual text and the best part about Bibisco is – its free!

Once you have finished your novel, added in some nice graphics – you can use the free app Canva or similar software, and then publish it to Amazon KDP site. KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing and the website will guide you through the steps required for you to publish directly. It’s then up to you to market the book in whatever way you choose. A good search through Amazons kindle site to begin with may offer up some ideas about what types of books are popular. On the other hand you may have a novel just bursting to come out of you already, so just go for it.

Rather than publishing one novel or a self-help book, maybe you could turn your hand at blogging. The trick here is consistency, quality and content. I wrote a bit about blogging and website creation in part 1 of my Earning money working from home article and you can find it over HERE – skip down to the section on website creation and take a look – I can honestly say it’s worth it (although I’m slightly biased, obviously!)

You Always Have your Camera With You

These days photos are everywhere, with mobile phones having built in cameras with high end quality lenses you can take really good pictures. photos

There are a couple of options you could try to get some photography work, one way is by advertising locally on the likes of Facebook and also Craigslist. This would be good if you have some photos you are proud of and you can use to entice people to use your talent, or of course, you could make some new one’s – some good local photos including recognizable landmarks or buildings will work well and let potential customers know that you are definitely local.

I wrote about a network a few months ago called Photojobz where you can join, upload as many photos as you like where loads of potential buyers are looking for photos, if they use one of yours then you get paid….simple!

There is another similar site called FOAP where you can take on “missions” where companies submit an outline of what kind of photos they are looking for and you can submit what you think they would like.


If you are a bit arty or a bit crafty (you know what I mean) you could always etsyconsider turning that hobby of crocheting or candle making into a money making venture.

With all sorts of options for selling crafts from candles to bath bombs, clothes and jewellery or indeed anything else that has been handmade it really is easy enough to get started.

It may cost a little to get started although listing items does not cost much. One option would be to consider going for an Etsy Plus account which does cost around $10 a month but for this you do get additional features that help you to stand out. With over 3.6 million sellers and around 70 million active buyers standing out is crucial.

The big advantage that you are looking at Etsy having over other selling sites such as eBay is that you have a ready market of people who know what they are looking for, something a bit quirky and something different, and that is a big selling point if that’s what you are able to produce.

It’s definitely worth looking into if you are at all good with your hands.

There are hundreds of other options to work online, some of which appear to be more legitimate than others. A quick search online brings up thousands of different “opportunities” and what I would say is, before making any decision, do some research. I have seen dubious websites even setting up their own review sites so that they have some great reviews so be careful of falling into the trap of going for a “get-rich-quick” scheme. As your granny used to say if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is and that’s a very good motto to live by, especially online.

I hope you have found my (slightly longer than I first thought) article on making money online useful. It’s certainly not a definitive guide and there are probably a lot of these methods that you won’t want or can’t pursue but hopefully I have shown that despite all the rubbish that is out there about making a million with two minutes work a day there are a number of legitimate methods to make a steady income from working at home.

Have you made any money online from any of these – or any other methods? Was it easy or did you come across any issues yourself?

Please let me know in the comments below and we can let other people know if there are any good ways to make money online. I look forward to hearing from you.

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