How Can I Earn Money Working From Home? – Part 2

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I recently wrote an article asking how can I earn money working from home which, for those who have not read it can be found HERE. As I finished the article I knew there were loads of other legitimate ways to make money working from home so I decided to follow up with a part 2.

So, here we go – having covered freelancing and website creation in part 1 what are some other methods I can utilise to start generating money?

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Dropshipping is a Great Option

Have you considered dropshipping? Now I see this all over social media at the moment, probably due to the pandemic (and hence why I’m writing this article!) but dropshipping means that you don’t have to have the initial outlay of buying stock, and having to store it all somewhere.

The business model is that you sell products online, however it is the supplier who stores, packages and then ships the product to your customers. This means that you can concentrate on the selling and promotion part. This is a real 21st Century way to sell so concentration on getting influencers to promote your products is a must as well as using other social media channels for running ads and sending DM’s to potential customers. Check out Oberlo who give you everything you need to get started including training


Now being an influencer seems, at the moment especially, to be coming in for a bad rap. Given that, during lock downs in many countries, some influencers have been flying abroad to avoid them, whilst promoting products from the beaches of Dubai and other resorts I can completely understand why some people would not agree with their actions.

However, despite this, it is, and will continue to be a really good opportunity to make money. It will not be a quick fix as building a following takes time and a lot of effort from you. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, especially if you have a particular niche that will appeal to certain people then its worth doing. Interesting to note that in 2019 Cristiano Ronaldo was charging $975,000 for every sponsored Instagram post……….that for ONE POST, amazing! Most “influencers” utilise either Instagram or YouTube so you should check these out. Posting consistent and quality pictures and videos should get you started and then you are able to monitise yourself by various ways – sponsored posts and products are the obvious one, but you could also look into adding affiliate products, or your own products, and then there’s the possibility of getting paid for personal appearances, writing books and anything else you can think of, just don’t start selling overpriced advent calendars like certain influencers have done in the past!!

you tubeWhile we are discussing influencers in general there are two other avenues you could take.

Firstly, as we already mentioned, as a starting point for being an influencer is being a YouTube contributor. The focus here, should be on concentrating on a particular niche, which is basically a specialised subject which, you should have a bit of knowledge about – that way you have an already made audience who will be searching for you anyway. Who would have thought that a seven-year old reviewing toys on YouTube would become the highest paid earner (it was about $22Million in 2018) but there we have it and there are loads of others who make a nice earning. Popular niches are online gaming, product reviews, makeup tutorials and just pranking around. The main two topics seem to be either to educate or to entertain – not that you can’t be entertaining when teaching! Once you get to 1,000 subscribers to your particular channel you can start monitising it, which basically means you can place ads in your videos and then get paid for the views.

Secondly, an increasingly popular option is to become a Twitch streamer. This has mainly been used for live streaming gaming but is gaining in other topics as well so worth a look. Like YouTube, consistency and quality are important here in order to grow a following. The ability to chat in real time to your followers gives it that added advantage over YouTube and gives you more chance to ‘connect’ with them. Ways you can get paid on twitch are by selling products, brand sponsorship, donations, subscriptions and Twitch ads.

Using your Education……..

A couple of other ways to start earning some income is by utilising the knowledge that you have gained up until now. tutor

How did you get on at school? If you had a particular aptitude for one or two subjects then you might be able to use the knowledge you gained from that to help others who are struggling.

Websites such as Tutor Me are always on the lookout for tutors for current students.

The usual subjects that people struggle in are science and maths as well as English. Obviously, the higher your qualification the better, and if you have a degree or have high grades then this will be an advantage over others and make you more likely to get that tutoring gig. Once you have a couple of students then hopefully word of mouth and good reviews will stand you in good stead to attract more students. Having a really good grasp of the subject as well as an understanding nature will be really useful in these sorts of roles. If you get frustrated easily, don’t like children or find it difficult teaching people new skills then this type of role probably isn’t going to work for you. Other websites you could check out for these sorts of jobs are, Yup and Cambly.


The other option, if you were – and still are – good at languages, is to perform translation work. With most companies who are looking for translators they will require a translation test to be completed before you can do any work so this is not the type of role that you could bluff your way into so if you are not really proficient then might not be a good idea! However, if you are then there are a lot of opportunities. Check out websites such as Upwork, SDL, Pro Translating and Translators Base to see if you would be a good fit.

Sell Your Stuff

This is as basic as it gets, really. If you are really desperate then it may be time to sell those items you’ve been hanging on to, whether its clothes, books, furniture or anything else really. for sale

You probably already know the websites to sell your stuff on but places like eBay, Facebook marketplace and Craigslist are all good starting points.

Make sure to not put all your eggs in one basket so place ads in as many places as possible will increase exposure, and help you get those items sold quicker. Make sure you have a quick look online to see if similar items are already for sale as this will give you a good idea of how much to charge.

Try to take really good photos of the items you are trying to sell, remember you are competing with people to get attention and people have very high expectations so make sure they look good – removing the background is always a good idea and easily done with free apps these days.

If you have loads of items to sell such as clothes then consider websites like Depop or setting up your own store on Shopify. Once you get started you may find that its something you may want to continue with and there is a lot of people make a living going round charity shops, buying cheap and selling high!

Well, once again that’s a few ideas on getting started with earning money from home online. I have still a few ideas to give so I suspect I’ll be writing a Part 3 very soon. In the meantime if you have any ideas or questions regarding any of the methods here, or indeed in the first part, be sure to get in touch via the comments below and I’ll get back to you. Do you have any of your own ideas on making money from home? Please feel free to add. I look forward to hearing from you.


In the meantime, take care.


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