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When you work in the office you probably tend not to give much thought to the type and design of any storage that is being used. As long as you have somewhere to keep your files, paperwork and your lunch box that’s all that matters. When it comes to home office storage however, it’s a different story. Yes, it’s partially easier as the lunch box becomes redundant – who needs it when you have a fully stocked personal kitchen just a few steps away (sometimes…..way too handy!) however, you want everything in your own office to match, to reflect your own personality and be a comfortable space that you can work in.

So lets start with the basics, whether you have a fold out desk that you take out in the kitchen to work on, or you have a bespoke home office in it’s own garden room you will most likely still require some orginisation…………..

Desktop Sortout

The main objective here is to keep your main work space tidy, free from clutter so that you can concentrate on the job. I have to admit that since I have started working from home the amount of paperwork I have has reduced considerably. I used to have invoices, backup, paperwork and sometimes if there was a long email with heaps of points on it I would print it off so I could “read it properly”.

Working from home has got rid of all of that, gone are the invoices (all done via PDF documents now) – paperwork gone the same way and as for printing off emails – well it became easier to just read them and jot down notes than to attempt to connect my work laptop to my home printer (it works on WiFi but it’s………….urgh, that’s another story!)

Desktop tidyThis simple yet functional white desktop tidy will take care of most of your bits and bobs including small files, notepads, staplers and calculator.

It also includes the companion mini-desk tidy for pens, pencils and sticky-tape holder.

Despite the picture it doesn’t take up much space (they call it footprint these days) measuring just 33cm across by 24cm deep, and 35cm tall.

Its made from eco-friendly wood-plastic composite which is easy to keep clean and also sturdy.

Click on the picture or HERE to find out more details including the price and delivery options. (as an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases – but that in no way affects the price you pay)

PRO’s – Neat enough to tidy away all those little nik-naks that you need to keep handy too

CON’s – too small for full size folders / you have to put it together yourself

What’s In Your Drawers…….!

storage drawers

Sometimes you need somewhere to keep documents off your desk top, maybe to give you more space, or maybe you’re working on something confidential or just maybe you don’t want to drop hoisin sauce on documents when you’re in the middle of writing an article because you wanted to have a duck pancake…yeah…maybe that!

Whatever your reason this storage unit with three drawers and a locking mechanism might be just what you’re looking for.

In white, it’s an easy job to blend into any colour scheme and the height and depth means it’s can fit easily under any desk making it unobtrusive.

Have a locking mechanism makes it perfect for filing all those documents you don’t want anyone seeing (or putting hoisin sauce on!!) and keep your space neat and tidy. It’s also on castors which makes it ideal for moving from under a desk to the side to keep things minimal when not in use.

It also gives you some extra desk space for a printer / scanner or some filing trays so keeping your main desk space free!

To take a look at the details click HERE or on the picture above to be taken to the website (as an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases – but that in no way affects the price you pay)

PRO’s – Three full size drawers to keep all those documents and stationary supplies tidy and handy / lockable

CON’s – would have liked it to be at the same height as the desk



Up Against the Wall!

Now if it’s for the smaller items I like the previous two options as they are clean and tidy but when it comes to looking for a larger storage unit for a home office, I think you really need to be making more of a statement. That’s why my choice for a wall unit is………….

wall storage

I really like the style of this unit. It has an antique feel to it with the aged wood panels and contrast metal frame and four door panels.

This is an excellent choice for the storage of books (nicely arranged for those zoom meetings!) with a lot of cupboard space for those times you don’t want on view!

Include some nice family photos and you have a really nice backdrop for your meetings and a great place to keep them all at hand.

Coming in at 100cm x 28cm x 128cm (w x d x h) it’s not the largest shelving unit available but in a home office environment I prefer not having high bookcases. This makes the room seem more open and leaves plenty of room for a painting (or inspirational quote poster) or even a notice board.

To take a look at this on the website, take a look HERE or click on the picture. (as an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases – but that in no way affects the price you pay)

PRO’s – Great statement design wall storage / display cabinet

CON’s – maybe not as big as the photo suggests!

If it’s something a bit bigger you’re after but still with a bit of style how about this Movian Bookcase?

Movian bookcase

Coming in at 140cm x 35cm x 174 cm (w x d x h) it’s a lot bigger than the last storage unit and gives you more storage options.

With a fold down flap door along with two drawers there’s plenty of space for keeping those documents out of sight.

the open shelving still allows space for lever arch filing as well as for those important “statement” books or precious objects you like having around you.

New to the market this Italian designed and built piece certainly looks really nice.

This design also has a slightly smaller companion unit which comes in at 140cm x 35cm x 97cm (w x d x h) which includes a drop down flap and two drawers.

This would make for a really stylish and professional looking home office set up.

Take a look at the website over HERE or click on the link or the picture for a lot more details and all the options available.

(as an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases – but that in no way affects the price you pay)

PRO’s – Full size unit perfect for that home office looking for a bit of Italian style.

CON’s – only comes in the oak finish currently.

So there’s a couple of stylish options when it comes to buying some storage for your home office. Having your own home office set up doesn’t mean you have to have the drab office furniture in your house and there are some really stylish options out there.

If you’re looking for other ideas for home office storage then be sure to check out some of my other articles :


What are your preferences for storage options? do you like having the movable storage drawers on castors or do you like the “built in” look of the wall cabinets.

I must admit, I like the built in look myself and consider myself fortunate that I have a room that I have been able to devote to work (and the odd article writing!)

Let me know your thoughts on the home office set up of your dreams in the comments below. As ever I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime take care,


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