Home Office Interior Design Ideas

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In the current climate working from home is quickly moving from a luxury to a necessity. With nearly 60% of the population working from home and around a staggering 83% feeling that they don’t need an office in the future, it looks like the home office is here to stay. With that in mind more and more people are looking to make what was possibly a temporary set up more of a permanent feature of their house.

So when it comes to converting that spare room, what are the current home office interior design ideas?

High End Sophistication

Making a statement has always been a popular idea for design and making the home office a feature of the house will soon become an attractive add-on when selling a property, as a hot tub or fitted kitchen have been in the past.

Fitted storage units and bookcases with inbuilt lighting will bring an air of sophistication to the setup. Pair that with an antique writing desk and a big leather chair and it completes the look.

For a traditional look go for mahogany or a dark wood finish on those cabinets and desk. For a more contemporary feel go for bright fresh colors, but remember nothing too glaring as you do have to work there too. For a small home office lighter colors will be best to ensure things don’t get too claustrophobic.

If you’re going lighter, contrast with a bright colored side chair or similar like in the photo to accentuate. If your feeling very design conscious then match up a few items in the same shade to create the right ambiance.

If you have the room then a low chair or small sofa would be great as an additional seating area with a coffee table for those more casual zoom meetings just to break up the day sitting in the same room.

If possible always include some large feature fresh plants to help oxygenate the air.

You could go completely over the top and get a small drinks cabinet installed for those Friday night 4pm finishes. It’s Okay as you don’t need to drive home after a couple of drinks!!

Functional Simplicity

If you prefer the more modern look then it’s easily achieved with simple pieces and matching storage. It doesn’t have to break the bank as some modular furniture is perfect for the home office.

What might have previously been relegated to the children’s bedroom for keeping those toys out of sight can easily be turned into attractive home office storage with a lick of paint and a freshen up.

Lots of home furniture stores have simple cardboard style storage drawers that look great when stacked together. Keeping everything minimal is key to the modern look so don’t go for anything too chunky.

Make sure you have an up lighter to bounce bright light off the ceiling. This minimizes glare on the computer screen and reduces eye strain.

Again plants are great, but not too many, maybe one or two large floor plants if space allows or even a couple of smaller plants on the desk.

Make sure you have a matching desk tidy to keep all the clutter off the desk to maintain that minimalist look.

Again a couple of contrasting objects will tie everything together to complete the look.

The Monday Blues

Blue appears to be color of the season for 2020, and probably how most people have been feeling this year too!

For the home office think about painting cabinets a shiny royal blue with contrasting tops to create the right working environment. Just right for that blue sky thinking……

Alternatively, get some special Hue lighting and bathe your office in whatever shade of blue you prefer although going from the picture, personally, I think actually doing any work in it would be a nightmare. Be careful with the shade of blue, too light and it might make room feel cold and too dark may be too oppressive.


It’s easy to create a blue theme Without spending too much. Matching colors can be achieved by dyeing an existing pair of curtains and a throw to put over an existing chair for example.

Other blue options could then be easily incorporated into your current office utilizing some blue accessories like staplers / hole punches and all your pin board items. A big pack of blue post it notes would be perfect for this, little reminder notes to yourself as well as creating a look in itself. Don’t take it too seriously, have some fun with it, there are always some items available at the local charity shop to complete the look.


It’s easy enough to create a theme in your home office. Just pick a few similar objects and go with it.

I had a couple of masks I had picked up from my travels and have put them up in my home office. Now I keep an eye out if i’m visiting a charity shop and will add to my collection. Simple enough project and it creates a simple theme that can be used to link the room together. Just an example and I am sure you could think of a lot of relevant themes for you.

Maybe some Lego models, photo collection, anime figure collection, the list is endless.

Whatever you choose, it is bound to create an interesting and very personal space which will hopefully make you comfortable enough to do your best work, and maybe get some admiring comments on your next zoom meeting.

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4 thoughts on “Home Office Interior Design Ideas”

  1. Being personal and creating a working environment that can accept both effectiveness and diligence is the soul of working at hone and creating a very worthy interior design at home. What you shared here is quite great enough to see and I value all you shared here. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Can make do with the tips shared here

  2. I have never thought that it would be good for me to design my home office, not until I read something about making my home my office to give me a more successful business. Your ideas really can work for me and I feel giving it a try would be really good too. Thank you so much for this ideas. I’ll ask my spouse to choose which is best for me.

    • Hi Suz,

      Yes, I can see working from home being almost standard practice for some time and the longer people do it the more they will want to make it a permanent thing.
      Is your spouse going to be working in the office too, if not, then it should be all you Suz!😉

      All the best


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