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I think I can safely say that this has been one of the strangest years I can remember! It’s seen so many changes to people’s lives and resulted in me deciding to set up this website in order to help people get the best out of their home office set-up (I’ll give you a link for a great group of folks who can help you set up a website if you’re interested later on in the article!) I hope that 2020 hasn’t been too difficult for you or your family and I can only hope that 2021 is better in every way.

As a light-hearted way to end the year of 2020 I thought it might be an idea to do a little word search game across some of the articles I’ve done so far……….(I know, crazy right?) ……..!

OK, you know what I’m trying to get you to do here but just go with it, have a go….see if you can guess the word first before heading over to the article and searching for the correct word. See how many you get right? Someone who’s reading all my articles should get them all right surely? So, it follows that if you get any wrong then you’re either not paying attention (that’s easily solved…!) or worse still you…….haven’t …….been …reading…….my articles……………(that’s just unthinkable!) quizbut again, something that’s easily solved……..!

So How Does the Quiz Work?

It’s a bit like Blankety Blank……….. I’ll write out a sentence with a word missing, all you have to do is guess the word, as a help I’ll put a link to the article that the sentence appears in so you can go back and check your answer – or just to read the article!!!!

So off we go and on to the Quiz……………

1) If you are committed to getting into ______ however this is the one to go for. – check out this article HERE


2) As well as cleaning the air, plants have been proven to reduce ____ and increase productivity – check the article HERE


3) The most important thing for a comfortable office environment is the ____. Check out the article HERE


4) home officeAnother ________ idea is to move stationary and pads of paper into drawers. Link to the original article HERE


5) So if you’re looking for something just that little bit different, or maybe know someone who is a budding ________. Check out the article HERE


6) Segmenters were, as the name suggests able to _____________ between work and their social life. – check out the article HERE


7) As the presenter of the quiz I have always used ________ to put my quizzes together. – check out the article HERE.


8) Nothing says James Bond more than a hidden _____ cabinet and when it comes to hidden _____ cabinets nothing looks as stylish as this. – check out the article HERE


9) It has two separate ___ holders for two different types and also has a separate milk container. – read this article HERE


10) It’s best to begin to get your ___ prepared for the day you’ll go out through the front door and aren’t back until nighttime. You can read this article HERE


11) If you are really tight for budget firstly check out some of the local ______ shops and also a look at office furniture supply busywebsites. – you can read this article HERE


12) Natural leaders driven by feelings rather than logic they tend to be quite ________ as well as empathetic to their fellow team-mates – read this article HERE


13) So like a recipe for a meal, you wouldn’t start cooking without checking that you have all the _________. – you can find this article HERE


14) As I have already noted when it comes to being ________________ it is sometimes difficult to find equipment. You can find this article HERE


15) It is important to have enough ___________ light so that shadows are kept to a minimum. – you can read this article HERE


16) This all sounds interesting but how do I become a digital _______. You can read this article HERE


17) OK, I for one have discovered that ____ increases productivity, increases attention, reduces errors, and also reduces stress and anxiety. You can read this article over HERE


18) Now I got a Christmas present last year of a ___________ and I originally just wasn’t sure if I would use it but after the first attempt I was hooked. You can read this article over HERE


So there we have it, just a few of the articles I’ve written so far. I hope to write many more soon, and as I re-read some of the older ones, possibly update them with more info or just write them a little better haha!

As the end of the year draws near how are you doing and what are your thoughts on the coming year? As someone who, this time last year, wouldn’t have dreamed of the events of 2020 I can honestly say that a positive to come out has been the setting up of this website and writing the articles for it. It’s been a great experience and has taught me loads. For that I have to thank the folks over at Wealthy Affiliate for all their help and support. If you have a hobby or interest that you are passionate about then I can thoroughly recommend checking out their website here as they give you complete support and detailed walk through instructions on setting up your very own website and how to go about every aspect of running it.

Anyway that is enough of that for today, I hope you enjoyed the quiz and hope that you managed to get some of the words. Let me know how you got on in the comments below or if you have ANY questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any reason, as ever, I would love to hear from you.

Take Care,


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