Having Problems with Lockdown and Anxiety?

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Its been a tumultuous year between a global pandemic and various lock down scenarios for us all, wherever we are. Becoming anxious about family, loved ones, job security, a return to normality – it’s understandable that people will have been having problems. So, if you are having problems with lockdown and anxiety, what can be done to help reduce those negative feelings?

problems with lockdown and anxietyAvoid Negativity

It’s a straightforward and simple start but just avoiding negativity will go a long way to helping reduce your anxiety levels. News broadcasts and social media thrive on bad news and sensational headlines so it’s best to avoided.

If you must listen to news outlets then stick to the main sources, and maybe limit yourself to one bulletin a day. Social media is almost addictive and they are especially designed to try and keep you scrolling for longer periods so try and limit. Most phones these days have App timers built in and they can be set up to limit the amount of time you spend on certain Apps. Its worth setting these up, if only to show you how much time you “actually” spend on them. Its scary sometimes how much time you really spend looking at your phone on a daily basis, but sometimes it’s not until you are shown the total that you appreciate how much it is!

Make Time for Exercise

The benefits of exercise, especially at this time, can not be under estimated. As well as the physical benefits of exercise there are a number of mental benefits too. It doesn’t have to be a ten-mile run or cycle, a 30-minute walk is enough to get your heart rate up and the release of endorphins up making you feel better. Getting fresh air all helps to so get outside if at all possible. Make sure you mix it up so that you don’t get bored, change your route on your walk so that you have different views. Even just going in the opposite direction will give you a different perspective. If you must exercise indoors then mix up different exercise types. A HIIT (high Impact Interval Training) routine one day, and some yoga or Pilates the next is a great way to mix it up. there are heaps of online resources for this. I wrote an article on the benefits of yoga and Pilates over HERE which you may find useful. I also wrote another article on other types of exercise over HERE. I even wrote an article about exercising at your desk if you really can’t find the time and that is HERE.


reaching out

Reaching Out

Whether it’s speaking to friends, family or neighbours then it’s always good to talk. Its an ideal opportunity to catch up with that elderly relative or neighbour to check that they are OK. With various restrictions changing almost weekly and different areas being at different levels it’s good to keep up with people locally to check the most up to date rules and regulations when it comes to meeting up and socialising.

Having a chat with friends and relatives also gives them, as well as you, an opportunity to vent some of those feelings that have built up and can be beneficial for everyone concerned. Just having a chat and a bit of a laugh can make a huge difference. It also makes a difference knowing that other people are going through the same sort of emotions and issues. “A problem shared is a problem halved” is the old saying and it is as true now. It always helps to know someone else is out there who understands so don’t be shy at getting in touch with people, if just for a chat or to ask for assistance if you need it. They will probably be glad to help and it will help alleviate some of your own anxieties too! As well as asking for help at any time don’t be afraid to offer help to people – this too comes with emotional and psychological benefits. So there’s no such thing as an altruistic act (Richard Dawkins would agree!)

Eat Healthy

As you’re probably reading this, most of it is simple straightforward common sense but sometimes, and I’m as guilty of this as anyone, it’s easy to sometimes forget in the daily grind of what has very much become like living in Groundhog Day!

Drinking plenty of water and making sure you get your fair share of fruit and vegetables is simple diet common sense but especially just now it is easy to rely on comfort food when you’re not feeling your best but try and make an effort to eat as healthily as possible. You know the stuff to avoid – sugars, processed foods, oily foods and trying to get as much healthy food – green vegetables, protein, fruit, pulses. When it comes to intake try and reduce and minimise the amount of alcohol and coffee (those espresso martinis are a definite no no then!). That goes for drugs too, if you are having trouble sleeping then it’s easy to rely on one or two sleeping pills and that’s fine if it’s on an infrequent basis. Its once you come to rely on them and use them frequently then it’s time to speak to your GP about them.


Sleeping Beauty

When it comes to your mental health nothing can beat a good nights sleep and so it’s important to have a good routine surrounding sleep time. Subconsciously you need to associate sleep with your bed so avoid things like working from your bed, avoid lying awake in bed for too long (even if it’s because you can’t get to sleep). Make sure you get changed first thing in the morning and make your bed so that you have a routine. At nighttime make sure you have a routine as well. Try to avoid any screen time around bedtime so put the phone away and try reading a book, or listening to calming music (I find Norah Jones very relaxing personally but there’re loads of relaxing music out there or even listen to whale sounds or anything that works for you!)

If you do find that you wake up during the night and can’t get back to sleep then don’t try and force yourself to sleep. Accept that you can’t get to sleep, get up and maybe read a book until you can feel yourself getting sleepy again.

Be Grateful

It sounds a little patronising (and some days harder to do than others) sometimes but letting yourself be grateful for something that has happened will benefit your mood. Just taking a minute to think about something positive that has happened, whether it’s chatting to someone, sharing a joke, getting a text from someone, then it all helps. Sometimes it’s difficult but every little helps and being positive about something will really make a difference. If you are really struggling check this site out for some support and help HERE.

I hope that this article helps you, even just a little. Things are really tough for so many people just now so anything that can be done to alleviate any bit of stress is beneficial. If you have any advice for anyone please jot it down in the comments below. We are all in this together, we are all having bad days and good days so try and remember to treat people nicely wherever possible!

Please take care everyone,


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