Fed Up of Work?

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Are you Fed Up of Work? Then read on to get some advice on creating your own future.

Firstly A bit About Me

For years now I have worked really hard, always for fairly large companies and other people. I’ve worked in the local office, I’ve worked in foreign offices, I’ve commuted back and forth to some strange places over the years, I’ve been sent overseas to work on projects for six months sometimes nearly a year at a time working in containers at the side of a quay in some inhospitable places. I’ve uprooted my family and lived abroad for three years all for the company.

I’d never considered going it alone, however after being made redundant due to a downturn in the industry, I found myself taking a job I was overqualified for just to get money coming in.

After months working away trying to get back on track financially it became obvious that I wasn’t enjoying it, merely going through the motions, it was no longer challenging and I eventually became disillusioned.

Working hard

The recent pandemic and the downturn in so many industries, has meant redundancies are happening every day. The headlines quoting huge numbers of people being “released” have become commonplace unfortunately. People who have worked SO hard through difficult circumstances are being sacrificed so that shareholders keep their investments, and it’s really sad.

I have come to realise that companies don’t really care about individuals, only shareholders, and would get rid of you however hard you worked or however long you had remained loyal.

I currently feel used, undervalued, and definitely constantly worried about whats to come.

Does any of this sound like the position you are in?

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom However………

I figured that I had to look out for number one, and so, having always believed that it was possible to make money online, I started looking out for “opportunities” – nothing that required any huge investment financially  – something that if I put in some effort had the potential that it would be rewarded.

After a couple of months trying different things (all of which seemed to involve being trained on a “sure fire system” which involved selling the training I was paying for to other people – basically a pyramid selling scheme) I came across Wealthy Affiliates. Initially I had no idea what they did, just a recommendation from someone who was a member.

I signed up for a free membership initially and this allowed me to see what they did. Basically, they get you set up with a website and teach you how create not only the website but how to go about creating useful content which can then be monitized to make money online through affiliate marketing. The website coudl be about anything, but they recommend that you pick something that appeals to you, whether its a hobby, or a subject you know a lot about.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Once you get started, you write articles on your chosen subject. As an example, lets say your favourite pastime is pens, you love pens, different styles of pen, what makes the best paper for handwriting, ink pots versus cartridges.  You could then write an article reviewing three fountain pens and which one you think is best. You would then have a link, or several links, to all the pens you reviewed and then each time someone clicks on the link and buys a pen you receive some of the money.  That is possibly a really bad example but I hope you get the idea, and the potential.

It is a bit of a learning curve and you may think that it would be impossible just even setting up a website, but it’s all guided with straightforward easy to follow tutorials and videos which make the whole process really easy (when I say if I can do it, anyone can, I really mean it!). I has set up a web site and had it formatted the way I wanted all within the first DAY. From then I was shown how to start writing articles and how best to write them choosing key words which would get picked up by search engines such as Google.


Work from home jobs

What struck me was the honesty about it, there was no false promises of making money overnight or being a millionaire in three months working an hour a week. Not even any pictures of the owners standing next to fancy cars (almost disappointing!). They set out realistic goals with the training and there is tons of support on the site if you get stuck.

Another brilliant thing about Wealthy Affiliates is the community, everyone is encouraged to support everyone else and as soon as you join there are people messaging to wish you well and letting you know that if you have any questions they will help. It’s absolutely brilliant, really supportive and a positive environment which makes it a real good place to start. It’s not like turning up at the gym and being intimidated by the gym junkies who always seem to commandeer the free weights section!

So What Do I Recommend?

I am currently still working full time during the day – with things the way they are I could go to work tomorrow and be told i’m no longer required – but I am working on a longer term project setting up my website and writing posts in and around my topic. I can only encourage you to go and take a look, it’s free to sign up and have a look around, as I did. I almost guarantee that you will be hooked, as I was, and hopefully you’ll stick around and get your website running – you may soon be in a position to give up that boring job and start working for yourself.

If you do click on the link be sure to get in touch with me and say hi – I promise I’ll do everything I can to help you reach your goals and support you along the way.

Click below to take you to the introductory pages. You have absolutely nothing to lose……………………….





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