Home Office Storage

home office storage

When you work in the office you probably tend not to give much thought to the type and design of any storage that is being used. As long as you have somewhere to keep your files, paperwork and your lunch box that’s all that matters. When it comes to home office storage however, it’s a … Read more

Sit to Stand Desks for the Home Office

Sit to Stand Desks for the Home Office

Now I don’t know about you but I have been finding that working from home means more sitting. At the office there are meetings you need to go to, a trip to the photocopier every so often, the coffee machine, the bathroom, someone asks you a question – it all adds up! So when it … Read more

What is the Best Headset for the Home Office?

Best Headset for the Home Office

So we’ve been working from home for a while now and having multiple zoom meetings. The fun of someone being on mute while talking has worn out and the thought of a cat making “another” appearance has lost its cuteness (there’s only so many times you can say “aawww”, no?). Anyway one thing I haven’t … Read more

What is The Best Home Office Chair – 2021?

What is The Best Home Office Chair - 2021?

With it now over a year since people started working from home I thought it would be an ideal time just to update my search for comfort, style and functionality and ask the question, just what is the best home office chair – 2021? Ergonomics is the Word Now, prior to everyone office based working … Read more

Best Laptop For The Home Office

Best Laptop For The Home Office

Like all the battles of old, laptops seem to have aligned themselves with one of two main adversaries. Between VHS and Betamax, Playstation and XBox, Alien and Predator it always seems to be the two biggest that’s end up battling it out. And so it is with laptops (and computers in general) – although, there … Read more

Best Widescreen Monitor for the Home Office

Widescreen Monitor for the Home Office

Of all the techie equipment I would most like to get its got to be a widescreen monitor for the home office. I don’t know, the thought of being able to have just one screen, and all the fewer connections, cables, wires as well as being able to enable split screen just makes it such … Read more

Best Shredder for the Home Office

Best Shredder for the home Office

As much as we would like to believe that we are in a paperless society we continue to use paper in the office whether at work or at home. Given the number of frauds that occur each year with data that has been obtained from paperwork it is in your own interest to make sure … Read more

The Best Computer Desks for the Home Office Revisited

Best Computer Desks for the Home Office

Back last year I wrote an article about choosing a desk for your home office HERE. I thought I would write an update given the number of office desks that are available and give a slightly different perspective. So what are the best computer desks for the home office? Well, like everything else a lot … Read more

Speakers for The Home Office

Speakers for the home office

If you, like so many of us, have been working from your laptop at home recently you’ll know that those built-in speakers are not great – yes they’re fine for the odd zoom meeting but the volume is not great and the quality is worse. A set of external speakers is what is required to … Read more