Best Widescreen Monitor for the Home Office

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Of all the techie equipment I would most like to get its got to be a widescreen monitor for the home office. I don’t know, the thought of being able to have just one screen, and all the fewer connections, cables, wires as well as being able to enable split screen just makes it such a good idea. Some ultra wide ones which are curved just look amazing and would be brilliant for gaming. So what is the best widescreen monitor for the home office and is it possible to get a good one at a decent price however, and what features should you look for in a widescreen monitor? Hopefully I’ll answer those questions now so read on…………………….

widescreen monitor for the home office

Why buy a Widescreen Monitor for the Home Office?

Well, other than it looking super cool (especially the curved ones) there’s a number of benefits in grabbing a widescreen monitor over the normal style.

If you’re one of these people who use their laptop as one screen, and a separate monitor to give you two screens then you’re in the majority, although there are still a lot of people who get by using just the laptop screen – you know who you are! Having two screens certainly improves productivity (see more – do more) and once you get used to them it is very difficult to go back to using one. With a widescreen monitor, you could have almost three full size screens in front of you at one time. Surely this would make you more productive than ever?

As technology improves and becomes cheaper, what used to be a ridiculously expensive larger screen is now becoming much more affordable and usually come with higher resolutions, helped along with advances in processing speeds to get those images to the screen in the first place. Where full HD used to be a luxury this has, like in TV’s, become pretty much standard and the higher spec monitors will now offer 4K. So, anything you use your widescreen monitor for will be really clear making it easier on your eyes making it more comfortable to use over time.

Some monitors are also curved so that you get a clearer view from end to end. If you think of having three flat screens side by side then as you look from one end to the other your eye has to adjust slightly to focus as the ends are further away than the middle. Over time this could lead to additional strain on your eyes. With a curved screen your eyes are at the same distance from the screen for more time reducing eye strain.

One of the benefits of using two screens instead of one is that your computer recognises the fact you have two screens and even though you can move your mouse happily between one screen to the other, when you click on full screen on a program it will only take up one screen. Some ultra widescreen monitors come with software that allows you to “partition” the screen so that its like having two, or even three screens, so you don’t lose the benefits of the wide screen.

So What’s the Best?

The Dell U3415W IPS MonitorDell U3415W


As well as allowing you to have more than one screen it simplifies using more than one input. It will allow you to connect two devices (say a laptop and a desktop) via different cables however you can control them both with one keyboard and mouse – such a great idea. This model also supports multiple monitors so it would be simple to buy one initially and then expand to two monitors after a while. With adjustable height and swivel its easy to find the right position for the screen. What I like about these monitors is the amount of space they free up on the desktop. Think about having two monitors with the accompanying cables for each on top of power cables and stands, now look at the simple lines of having one monitor, brilliant. This is also a curved screen so perfect for corner desks and easier on your eyes.

(click on the picture to find out details and the latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from any purchases made)

Pro’s – ability to connect two devices to the same screen

Con’s – not as curved as it could be


LG Electronics Ultrawide 29 Inch

LG UltrawideAs we’ve said the cost of electronics seems to drop all the time so its great that you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune on a widescreen monitor. This model from LG is very reasonably priced but still comes with a great screen and give you the option to split the screen into “two” displays or go ultra wide. I give you 33% more screen space than the normal 16:9 ratio full HD screen. It comes with two HDMI ports. Downside is that it isn’t curved however I think that this only becomes an issue on the ultra-wide screen over 40″.

It is highly rated on Amazon with good reviews by registered buyers, which is always reassuring.

(click on the picture to find out details and the latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from any purchases made)

Pro’s – great “not so little” monitor for a great price

Con’s – not curved at all

Acer Nitro EI491 CRPbmiiipx

If you like your gaming as well as working from home then theAcer Nitro

Acer Nitro should fit the bill completely. As well as having a massive 49″ VA display its curved screen will wrap round your viewing position giving you excellent peripheral views. A downloadable widget allows you to control different configurations of windows so should be useful for those who have to work during the day and like to game at night. Just think how big a spreadsheet you could get on this screen, its sad I know! It also allows you to connect two devices (its called PBP I understand) and for gaming (or for that extra light during a zoom meeting) it comes with real-time ambient back lighting.

(click on the picture to find out details and the latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from any purchases made)

Pro’s – great multi-tasking display

Con’s – Slightly more expensive than the others available

So, there we have it, a range of three currently available widescreen monitors which should cover your needs whatever it is you are looking to do. I must admit I’m looking at my current monitor / laptop dual display and thinking they now look woefully inadequate and take up too much desk space. So, my birthday is in October…………………..just in case………you know……..if you wanted to……………………!

If you are looking for a monitor and it doesn’t have to be a widescreen one, I wrote an article HERE which you may find useful.

I hope you enjoyed this review of widescreen monitors. Do you currently have a widescreen monitor or have you been looking for the right deal? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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