Best Shredder for the Home Office

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As much as we would like to believe that we are in a paperless society we continue to use paper in the office whether at work or at home. Given the number of frauds that occur each year with data that has been obtained from paperwork it is in your own interest to make sure that any important papers that you dispose of gives little or no important information away. I myself have a shredder at home, which at the moment doubles up for work, as well as getting rid of personal documents such as bills and such like prior to putting out in the rubbish. But what are the options and what would be the best shredder for the home office?

I realise that in the list of must haves for the home office a shredder will be pretty far down the list and its certainly not a “glamour” purchase but having said that it is a fairly important purchase if you are going to be handling sensitive documents or you want to minimise risk to you own personal information prior to putting it in the bucket.

When it comes to deciding on a home shredder some aspects you should keep in mind are as follows:

  • the number of sheets of paper the shredder can cope with at once.
  • The capacity of the container the shredded paper goes into.
  • The noise level of the unit
  • is it capable of cutting up credit cards and similar.


So let’s have a look at three of the best shredders currently available. To make it easier I’ve split this into three shredders from a budget model to a higher rated “small office” model which should give you a range of options whether you are working at home and just need something for occasional shredding duties or if you need something that can cope with a few hundred sheets of paper a day. Let’s get started………….

Fellowes Powershred Personal

If its just a basic levelFellowes Personal shredder you are looking at, for the occasional shredding of letters or documents then this entry level shredder would be ideal.

Coming in with a size of 20 x 29.85 x 38.42 cm it is the smallest of the ones I am reviewing but it can shred up to eight pages at one time in a cross-cut method (this is the most popular method of shredding on these types of units and the best one for security as it makes it near impossible to reassemble the pieces of paper back together, which is important for peace of mind)

This model has a continuous run time of three minutes before it requires a thirty-minute cool down period.

Not ideal if you have a lot of documents to shred at one time but fine if you are just using it for occasional letters or documents as and when required.

This model has a fourteen litre capacity so you get a fair number of sheets shredded before having to empty the bin. As you can see it also has a handy window so you can see when its full.

(click on the link or the image to get the latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


The Fellowes Powershred M-8CFellowes Powershred

With dimensions of 24.45 x 33.97 x 39.05 cm it is quite a small unit but it is really good at what it does and a step up from the previous machine. While shredding up to eight sheets of paper at one time in a cross-cut method.

This model can work continuously for up to five minutes before requiring a thirty-minute cool down period. This should be ample time to keep on top of most shredding if its kept up to date

One benefit to this shredder is its ability to handle paper clips and staples as well as credit cards. One of the most tedious of tasks when shredding is removing staples and paperclips prior to shredding so its good to know that if you miss any it won’t jam up the machine.

This unit, as you can see from the picture, has a handy window so you can keep an eye on how much shredding you ‘ve completed before the 15 litre bin is filled up.


(click on the link or the image to get the latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


Wolverine 8 Sheet Super Micro Cut

WolverineIf its something a little more robust that you are looking for then the excitingly named (for a paper shredder) Wolverine should be able to cope with your requirements.

Its super micro cut shredder ensures complete peace of mind as it seriously chops up to eight sheets of A4 at one time into 2 x 12mm pieces.

With a thirty-minute run time it can cope with shredding around 500 sheets of paper before requiring a cool down period.

In addition to the super secure cutting size of this model is its low working noise levels. Some shredders are really noisy but this has works at 54dB which is quiet.

With a 17 litre bin as well this unit will cope with a fair bit of shredding before needing emptying.

As you can see from the picture, like the other shredders this one has a window for visual confirmation of how full the bin is and you will also notice that this model has castors so can easily be moved into a corner or under a desk until required without having to lift it (its weight is 7.5Kg so not too heavy)

(click on the link or the image to get the latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

So there we have it. A quick run down of three of the highest rated shredders currently available from the budget personal shredder up to a small office version. One of these should be suitable for you whatever your home office circumstances.


Do you currently have a shredder at home or do you, like I used to do, take old bills and documents into the work office and use their shredder at a lunchtime? Now I have a home shredder it is much easier and I certainly wouldn’t go back to not having one. It certainly makes me feel a bit better throwing shredded documents out knowing that they cannot be read. You just can’t be too careful these days.

If you have any comments then please let me know, I look forward to hearing from you.

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