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Like all the battles of old, laptops seem to have aligned themselves with one of two main adversaries. Between VHS and Betamax, Playstation and XBox, Alien and Predator it always seems to be the two biggest that’s end up battling it out. And so it is with laptops (and computers in general) – although, there is a third option. There are two main operating systems and which one you choose will determine the path you take. But we’ll get to that bit………..what is the best laptop for the home office?

With most of these things it will depend on what you’re planning on using your laptop for and what you are used to. The two main operating systems are either window’s run on numerous PC’s and laptops and iOS run on Apple machines. Each has their advantages and disadvantages and I’m not here to convert you from one if my you prefer it. On top of this has arrived Google with their Chrome OS. They have a variety of computers which run this – Chromebooks. Personally I have grown up using Microsoft so I just find window’s easier because I’m used to it. My children on the other hand have grown up using Apple Macs and i pads so are more used to the iOS – although they are annoyingly “ambidextrous” when it comes to it. So I guess the question is which ones are the best in each of Operating systems?


One of the coolest looking laptops available just now is the Dell XPS. It is probably the best of the bunch at the moment. Dell XPS

As well as looking really cool – almost Apple Mac cool – this laptop has an edge to edge display, Dolby vision, anti-glare and automatically adjusts blue light levels to reduce eye strain.

The keyboard is a really good size making it really easy and comfortable to use, making it ideal for long working from home days, and also comes with a large track pad.

Even the speakers are really good.

The tech stuff is 10th Gen Intel Core i5 – i7. RAM is between 8GB to 64GB depending on model, storage is between 256GB – 2TB PCle NVMe. Operating system is window’s 10 Home.

(click on the link or the picture to find out latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from any purchase made)

PRO’s – Top of the current window’s laptops chart / looks good

CON’s – It’s not the cheapest

If you’re looking for a cheaper option then I would recommend the Huawei Matebook. Although not the cheapest laptop on the market it has enough great features to make it seriously good value for money.

With it’s metal casing and smart looks, it certainly looks the part. It has a large 15.6inch 1,920 x 1,080 screen resolution Huawei matebookdisplay – an IPS panel – which is great for different viewing angles.

The tech stuff – quad-core processor 2.1GHz AMD 5 3500U. RAM is 8GB with storage on a 256GB SSD. It weighs in at 1.5Kg.

One “weird” feature is the camera placement. As standard most laptops have the camera at the top of the screen, which has the downside of increasing the surround at the top. Huawei have got round this by placing the camera at the back of the keyboard under a key!!

It’s a weird location which results in a strange view when on zoom calls. However, they do claim that this is also a security feature as when you are not using it, the camera is hidden – and can therefore not be used without you knowing (it’s a strange solution to the problem – my children have placed black tape over the camera on their laptops and only remove it when they want to use – not very high tech but it works!)

(click on the link or the picture to find out latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from any purchase made)

PRO’s – Great value laptop with features that some more expensive laptops don’t have / fast processor

CON’s – If you are on a lot of Zoom calls you might need a USB camera.


The beauty of a chrome book is that utilises “always on” connectivity to remove the programs and any data you save off of the computer and into the cloud. The advantage of this is a machine that is lighter and, without the need for massive hard drives and all that involves, a lot cheaper than it’s rivals. It should be quicker too. The downside, of course, is if you’re storing programs and data in the cloud is, connectivity. If you lose a WiFi connection or are unable to get one then you might have a problem. Of course, they are aware of this issue and some of their applications can run “locally” until a connection is made and they can re-synch with the cloud storage.

One of the most popular Chromebook models is the Asus Chromebook C523NA. Asus

With a 15.6 inch touchscreen it certainly competes with the previous laptops on display size. The touchscreen is a great extra if you’re used to working with tablets (how many times have you swiped the screen on your laptop expecting it to move?)

Tech stuff –

  • Intel quad-core Pentium N4200 processor (2M Cache, up to 2.5 GHz)
  • Internal Memory: 4 GB DDR4 2400MHz SDRAM
  • Storage: 64 GB eMMC
  • Display: 15.6″ Full HD (1920×1080) 60Hz touchscreen with anti-glare Panel
  • Operating System: Chrome

The benefits of moving a lot of things into the cloud is that the power usage is lower therefore making battery life longer at 10 hours continuous use, which is impressive.

(click on the link or the picture to find out latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from any purchase made)

PRO’s – Cheap laptop for those needing online quickly and easily / battery life impressive

CON’s – Need the connectivity / Everything related to Google


And, so we come to Apple. If you have any Apple products then you already know what to expect. Simplicity in design and a great design at that. However, this usually comes at a cost and their laptops aren’t the cheapest by a long way. MacBook Air

The New Apple MacBook Air is their latest model and is seriously impressive. They have managed to come up with a laptop which doesn’t require a fan for cooling therefore making it lighter and quieter than other laptops.

This also increases battery life and they are claiming 18 hours from one charge. With Apple’s security you can sign in to this laptop using a finger and use that for buying things online or viewing pass worded files.

Tech Stuff –

  • Apple-designed M1 chip for a giant leap in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance
  • Go longer than ever with up to 18 hours of battery life
  • 8-core CPU delivers up to 3.5x faster performance to tackle projects faster than ever
  • Up to eight GPU cores with up to 5x faster graphics for graphics-intensive apps and games
  • 16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning
  • 8GB of unified memory so everything you do is fast and fluid
  • Superfast SSD storage launches apps and opens files in an instant
  • Fanless design for silent operation
  • 13.3-inch Retina display with P3 wide color for vibrant images and incredible detail

It’s a serious contender and has an avid fan base of people who wouldn’t move from Apple for anything. It’s easy to get pulled into their products and once you have an iPhone or iPad it’s easy to see how staying with the brand could be beneficial.

(click on the link or the picture to find out latest pricing – as an Amazon Associate I earn from any purchase made)

PRO’s – It’s Apple – enough said

CON’s – Not the cheapest

So, there we have it – a quick run down of a few of the best laptops currently on sale at the moment. Personally I would go mid-table and plump for the Huawei model. Money no option and I guess I would try to learn how to use the Mac properly. I always get confused (it’s probably an age thing) switching between the Mac and a window’s laptop.

What is your opinion, do you reckon that Apple is the best thing or are you happy to leave Apple to the techies? Let me know your opinion in the comments below. I would as ever love to hear from you.

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  1. I am always looking for the best Dell products out on the market currently. And this website manages to make the perfect blend of information and content honesty available at the touch of my fingertips. With great affordable products and insightful pros and cons lists to help you decide which laptop meets your needs. They layout is simple and fun to read too. 

    • Hi Taine,

      thanks for your feedback on the article. I enjoy summarising the pro’s and the con’s in a simple way (so that even I understand it!)   

      kind regards,


  2. Thank you for the informative article. I always find it very challenging to decide on the type of laptop I need to buy. The options are presented in a techy manner and if you are not tech savvy like me you end up being very confused as to what exactly can meet your needs. The best advise Im taking from your article is being very clear on why you need the laptop, so that you can shop with those needs in mind,

    • Hi Bogadi,

      I completely agree. There’s enough techie sites out there if that what you want. I just like to know if it’s going to do the job!

      Kind regards,


  3. You article is very timely.  As I enter  retirement and hope to travel, I have been thinking about laptops.  The variety seems endless and its not easy to know how to make a decision. Your article has helped.  I am not as worried about cost as I am about functionality.  I am familiar with both PC and MAC, but am leaning towards a PC because it seems to be the most compatible with businesses, etc.  Thanks for your guidance.

    • Hi Anastasia,

      Congratulations on your retirement. Having been involved in business for 30 years or so I would stick with the PC to be completely honest (stick to what you know!)

      Take care,


  4. Hi Dave,

    I really enjoyed reading through your article. Laptops are soon becoming a basic need to humanity especially since most people have gone digital in this century. Having an efficient and compatible PC that suits one’s needs is critical in improving productivity and efficiency in work. I love how comprehensive you’ve covered the OS’s and the various devices that support specific OS’s. Just like you am an all-time Windows user, and for this reason, I’d go for Windows run device any day.

    Thanks for sharing this.



    • Hi Sergei,

      thanks for your feedback on the article. Yes, we are becoming more and more reliant on laptops and computers – especially in this last year – from work to school if you didn’t have a computer you were left behind. 
      I’m with you all the way on the Windows (but I would like to have a Mac – and the time to get to know how to use it properly!)

      Kind regards,



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