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When it comes to working from home, as I’ve previously said, the most important thing to ensure is that you have a comfortable chair. Following that, a great desk and a good quality monitor come a joint second. Having already addressed a good desk I now turn to look at what makes for the best home office monitor.

Monitors come in all shapes and sizes from the portable monitor at 14″ up to huge curved widescreen units at 43″ and bigger and it will generally depend on what you’re going to be working (and playing) on.

Most computers and laptops will support two monitors and this is usually standard in most offices I’ve worked in – laptops tend to require a docking station if using more than one monitor so check first. The current trend is the ultra widescreen one screen which can be split (as if its two monitors) so I’ll look at this type first.



Ultra Wide Screen Home Office Monitor


The Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN 49″

This model looks absolutely brilliant – super ultra wide 49″. That along with the curved panel means it almost wraps round – would be great in a corner desk, negating the need for two monitors. It has an “eye comfort” setting which minimises blue light emissions making it easier to view for longer with less eye strain. Its also well suited to working with graphics having a really fast refresh rate (144hz). If you use spreadsheets in your job, or similar type programs, you may never need to scroll across again. Obviously great for gaming and with two hdmi inputs you can use it for work then switch to gaming easily after work without any unplugging of cables. Highly recommended.

Samsung LC49


(clicking on the image above will show you the current price for this item – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)



Pro’s – Looks the business / can show multiple screens / less eyestrain

Con’s – quite expensive / need a desk at least 49″ wide.



Mid-Sized All-Rounder

The Dell U2419H is an ultra sharp backlit LED display is a very popular choice, unsurprisingly. Dell have been at the forefront of computers and all things computing for years and so they have a great range of monitors to suit all tastes. This particular model has a 24″ screen with a very thin edge bezel (all that means is that if you had two of them together, as the picture below shows, you wouldn’t have much of a gap between the screens). They can be used horizontally or vertically (and easily rotated if required) and the screen comes with full HD (1920 x 1080). It, for those working from home, has a low power usage at 17 watts, which is far less that some of its direct competitors. Great all rounder.


(clicking on the image above will show you the current price for this item – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases )

Pro’s – great screen performance / fully adjustable screen / compact base

Con’s – only one HDMI socket


Best Budget Home Office Monitor

So whats the cheaper options like? So for under £75 there’s the Samsung S22F350 which is still full 1080p Full HD. At 22″ its not the biggest around but still better than the laptop screen. It even has the eye saver mode which is the same as on much more expensive models. However the downside is the stand is not adjustable. OK for a budget choice, maybe as a second monitor, or if you just want to use it to get through lockdown without spending a fortune.

Samsung S27

(clicking on the image above will show you the current price for this item – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Pro’s – Cheap and cheerful / easy to use

Con’s – Not height adjustable / fairly basic



Money No Object

So, probably aimed firmly at the gaming market I had to include the Asus ROG STRIX Curved PG65UQ. Yes, as you’ve maybe guessed its 65″ of 4KUHD monitor. It may take up a fair bit of space on the home office desk but if you’re willing to take a step back….! Its definitely not cheap but once you’ve finished work, the games will ROCK! Not recommended for that early morning Zoom meeting though. Connectivity is easy too, with 4 HDMI inputs.

Asus ROG Strix


(clicking on the image above will show you the current price for this item – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Pro’s – Massive 65″ screen / brilliant for gaming / impress the neighbours

Con’s – expensive / take up too much space / need to sit in the next room to view



So, theres a couple of choices to go for in the best home office monitor front. A lot will depend on what you intend to be using your screen for, for how long and if you need it to do more than one thing.

I currently use a small portable as my second screen which works quite well – and with that and my laptop screen, mostly for emails I can work away quite happily so you don’t need to spend a fortune on a monitor, just check for the basics, make sure it can connect to your laptop or computer at home. Do you need to connect more than one screen? If so you may need to use a docking station.

If you’re short of space (and especially if you’re not working in a dedicated space)  then using a TV as a second monitor may be a good option for you, just check connectivity – some laptops have HDMI sockets these days. At the end of the day it may come down to personal preference or indeed what your work is supplying (or will to pay for).

Do you agree with my choices or do you have any preferences when it comes to monitors? (I do like if you have two monitors that they are the same make for example but what do you like?) Let me know in the comments or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you. Also, if you have any ideas for future reviews or articles please feel free to let me know. Take care and thanks for reading.






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12 thoughts on “Best Home Office Monitor”

  1. Very good to see here. I really appreciate what has been shared here and it makes a lot of sense to see this. In all honesty, it makes quite a lot of sense to see you listing here the very best of monitors to help aid our up of our home office. Good choices here but I prefer to go with the Asus here. I’ve always like their products

  2. It’s very true that being comfortable will make your work at home more interesting and productive, I’m always cautious of the kind of chairs I sit on cos I like working with a health back and butt, lol. These monitors are very exceptional and they are beautiful, I love their sizes and I believe they are worth the time, I’d love to get one for me and another for my wife.

  3. Hello there, thanks for the suggestion you have given here. Having a home office has been something we all have to do and as an affiliate marketer I have just set up a small workspace for myself in my house but having a monitor is the next stop for me. There have been a couple of monitors that I have seen online, and the Samsung S22F350, I’ll find a way to work around the height 

    • Hi Lawson, might be as simple as a couple of books under the stand to heighten it up obviously. I bought a cheap seperate stand which was adjustable – as long as you can attach it to teh screen part it might be a cheap alternative.

      Best wishes.


  4. I personally love the Samsung brand. I consider them to be one of the highest quality brands that have a lot to offer. My friend who is a gamer has The Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN 49″. Fantastic monitor, the HDR really brings out the colors when gaming. Some have said text is blurry, but he personally haven’t had any issues. He says that works perfectly at 144hz and he highly recommend this monitor especially for ultra wide games!

  5. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on best home office monitor. I’ve gone through it and it’s well detailed and contains valuable information. I’m a business owner and I have my office in my house so this is useful. I will be getting the Samsung S22F350 because it’s affordable and also works perfectly. It’s just what I want. Thank you for sharing this. 

  6. Hello,

    I definitely agree on the importance of comfort when you work from home! I personally work from my dining room in my small apartment and I have a laptop. So for me the question of a home office monitor never popped in my mind…until I stumbled upon your article. I am a huge fan of Samsung brand for everything electronic, so if I had to choose a home office monitor, that would definitely be the one you are describing in your article. Thanks!


    • Elodie,

      Glad you like the article. Yes, I have a couple of Samsung products and they have alwasy been good quality.

      Thanks for your input.


  7. Choosing a monitor for a home office is very important. Everybody have their choices as to what they need. But what I need is either two screen monitors or a very wide screen .i.e. two in one screen. Why I said this is because I’m a forex trader, and I need bigger screens or multiple for my business. Looking at above, The Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN 49″ will come in handy instead of two sperate monitors.

    With it, I can be able to stay focused and monitor all my trades all in one screen instead of navigating my eyes from one screen to another. Well, it looks very much pricey, but it’s worth it especially for my business.

    • Kelvin,

      Thanks for your input. With the Samsung LC49 you can easily partition the screen or display multiple screens of different sizes – perfect for keeping an eye on those trades.


  8. With TVs finally entering 120hz in 2015, its is the great option to test.
    One actually need a high resolution monitor for Graphic artists and design and even then, its a hard cost to justify but with this awesome reviews you had to place here on your article it could guide us through the best home office monitor.


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