Best Affordable Keyboard for the Home Office

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Now one thing that I have had to do since working exclusively from home is to change out the keyboard for the home office . Possibly, from time to time I get annoyed at work (very seldom – we all do it don’t we? ) I tend to type a bit harder than I should then it put too much strain on some parts and the keys start playing up. This time however I had a keyboard and mouse combination and it was the mouse that was acting up – nothing worse than highlighting an area for it to suddenly change. It became infuriating – and this probably resulted in me banging the keyboard again – so time for them to be replaced.

One additional problem with having a wireless keyboard and mouse combination is that if one goes they both have to go, especially if you have limited USB sockets for plugging the wireless connector into.

So I bought a new set of keyboard AND mouse but before purchasing I had a good look at all the alternatives out there. Before starting to look at keyboards, its best to decide what you want to use it for – seems a really stupid question – as you’ll be typing obviously – but not all typing is the same – if, for example, you have a lot of numbers to input then an extended keyboard with the numerical pad is a worthwhile addition – they also have a left-handed version with the number pad on the left-hand side I’m glad to report. If you don’t input heaps of numbers then a standard keyboard will probably be sufficient. In addition, there are also gaming keyboards for those of you who like, em…….gaming! I “think” the difference is that they have programmable keys to simplify moves but I could be wrong.

So in no particular order, here are five of the best affordable keyboards for the home office.

Wired In

So if its simplicity and price that you’re looking for then the Logitech K120 is probably the one you need. It’s a full sized USB wired keyboard complete with number pad and those little legs at the back that let you stand it up a bit if you like having the keys on a slant.

It is pure plug in and go so no need to insert CD’s to load up drivers or visiting websites to ensure the keyboard works. It just works straight out of the box.

Rated highly on Amazon this is one of their cheapest keyboards so perfect for that work set up at home or as an additional keyboard as backup just in case.

Keyboard simple(click on the image above to get the most up to date pricing – as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

PRO’s – cheap and cheerful / works straight out of the box

CON’s – just the keyboard / trailing wire

Wireless but not Mouseless

The next one I’ve picked here is the Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard and Mouse and is the one I eventually went for after searching. Although I like the thought of not having to replace batteries in the corded versions I prefer the minimalist, non cluttered look of the wireless versions. The curved edge of this keyboard also gave it a bit of style – difficult for a keyboard I grant you – and also came with the mouse (which was causing me the problem before). It’s easily connected with the supplied dongle and works straight away. Good thing about this model is rather than having to buy batteries (you never have the right ones at the right time) the keyboard and mouse can be recharged with a supplied cable. The “feel” of the keys is also nice and it sits at a good angle. I can personally say this is a great keyboard.

Keyboard 2

(click on the image above to get the most up to date pricing – as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

PRO’s – great looking (for a keyboard) / comes complete with mouse

CON’s – you will eventually have to recharge it


Now I’ve never used an ergonomic keyboard but I know some people who swear by them and especially those people who work longer hours or have posture issues already then an ergonomic keyboard may be just what you require to reduce the risk of fatigue and injury. The keyboard is split into right and left-hand sections and is angled to match the angle of the wrists and fingers, giving support with the built in palm rest. It is highly rated on Amazon and this model comes with an equally ergonomic mouse.

ergo 1

(click on the image above to get the most up to date pricing – as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

PRO’s – funky looking as well as being better for you’re posture

CON’s – quite wide so no use on a small desk

Best of Both Worlds

If you’re looking for a good reliable keyboard that’s great during the day when you’re working but can be switched over to a back lit gaming keyboard in the evening then this will be the one for you. This Jelly Comb keyboard has silent keys and comes with a USB wire for getting started straight away.

backlit keyboard

(click on the image above to get the most up to date pricing – as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

PRO’s – works both as a works keyboard and a gaming one

CON’s – no mouse included (but you can get one)

Left Handed Complement

As I have already noted when it comes to being left-handed it is sometimes difficult to find equipment which is specifically arranged to make it easier for a leftie to work. This left-handed keyboard puts the number pad across on the left-hand side where it is easier for typing numbers (try writing with you’re left-hand if you are skeptical!) As with most of the keyboards here its got a USB connection so its plug and play. My biggest annoyance with this (and indeed most other things for left-handed people) is why do left-handed people, through no fault of their own, have to pay more money for the same thing, its discrimination that what it is.

Leftie keyboard

(click on the image above to get the most up to date pricing – as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

PRO’s – great for left-handed people

CON’s – again no mouse included (but you can get one)

So, that’s my choices of keyboards, if I had to pick one then I can say I already have as I bought the Arteck one and really like it. I hope I have shown you at least one that you would like to buy, as they are all good for specific reasons. If you disagree with my choices or have a favourite keyboard you want to let me know about then please drop me a message in the comments below. I would really love to hear from you.

Take care.


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