How to Avoid Negative Thoughts Working From Home

How to Avoid Negative Thoughts Working From Home

This last year has been horrendous. In that year its been quite a job to stay positive what with the pandemic, job losses, furloughed employees, concern about relatives health and everything else you care to mention. If you’ve found yourself having more than your share of negative thoughts then please read on as I explain … Read more

What is The Best Home Office Chair – 2021?

What is The Best Home Office Chair - 2021?

With it now over a year since people started working from home I thought it would be an ideal time just to update my search for comfort, style and functionality and ask the question, just what is the best home office chair – 2021? Ergonomics is the Word Now, prior to everyone office based working … Read more

Best Laptop For The Home Office

Best Laptop For The Home Office

Like all the battles of old, laptops seem to have aligned themselves with one of two main adversaries. Between VHS and Betamax, Playstation and XBox, Alien and Predator it always seems to be the two biggest that’s end up battling it out. And so it is with laptops (and computers in general) – although, there … Read more

Employees to Work from Home

Employees to Work from Home

As more and more companies are asking their employees to work from home on a more permanent basis than would have possibly been imagined prior to the pandemic, its clear that 2020 has been a watershed moment for remote working. From high tech companies which were always at the forefront of employee working conditions (think … Read more

Garden Home Office Advice

Garden Home Office Advice

One of the surprising outcomes of the last year has been the rise in the number of people who have decided to take the plunge and either convert an existing garden shed into a home office or to build a new structure into their garden to use. These can range from simple garden sheds up … Read more

Working From Home One Year On

working from home one year on

Its been one hell of a year. From the first breaking news headlines from China regarding a new virus, through to the spread to Italy and then quickly through the rest of Europe and across the world. A year ago the UK went into lock down which was initially for a few weeks. Here we … Read more

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

quick and easy breakfast ideas

One of the great things about working from home is the lack of commute. No wasted time driving to and from work anymore in rush hour traffic! No more being squashed onto a train into the city and no having to scrape the windows in the winter before getting into the car! It gives us … Read more

Working From Home and Security tips

working from Home Security and Tips

The past year has seen a massive shift in the number of people working from home. Granted, this has not been through choice but necessity in order to limit the spread of covid-19. However, with more and more people seeing the benefits of working from home, it doesn’t look like this trend will halt once … Read more

Best Widescreen Monitor for the Home Office

Widescreen Monitor for the Home Office

Of all the techie equipment I would most like to get its got to be a widescreen monitor for the home office. I don’t know, the thought of being able to have just one screen, and all the fewer connections, cables, wires as well as being able to enable split screen just makes it such … Read more

Business Start Up Help

Business start up help

Some Business Start Up Help So you have a great idea for a business, you have done some research and found that there is a market out there for your product or service. What business start up help is out there for you when you are just beginning on your journey? What are the next … Read more