Best Shredder for the Home Office

Best Shredder for the home Office

As much as we would like to believe that we are in a paperless society we continue to use paper in the office whether at work or at home. Given the number of frauds that occur each year with data that has been obtained from paperwork it is in your own interest to make sure … Read more

How to Avoid Burnout at Work

burnout at work

The last year has put a lot of strain at people. Between the stress of a global pandemic, continued lock downs, working from home, taking care of relatives as well as people losing their jobs it’s a perfect storm when it comes to mental health. With the added stress on people who may be working … Read more

Having Problems with Lockdown and Anxiety?

problems with lockdown and anxiety

Its been a tumultuous year between a global pandemic and various lock down scenarios for us all, wherever we are. Becoming anxious about family, loved ones, job security, a return to normality – it’s understandable that people will have been having problems. So, if you are having problems with lockdown and anxiety, what can be … Read more

The Best Computer Desks for the Home Office Revisited

Best Computer Desks for the Home Office

Back last year I wrote an article about choosing a desk for your home office HERE. I thought I would write an update given the number of office desks that are available and give a slightly different perspective. So what are the best computer desks for the home office? Well, like everything else a lot … Read more

How Can I Earn Money Working From Home?

Earn Money Working From Home

One of the phrases I hear much more frequently since the start of the pandemic is “how can I earn money working from home?”. I can understand why; with so many people facing an uncertain future, or worse, having been made redundant on top of being locked down and unable to go out. It’s obvious … Read more

Voice Assistant for The Home Office

voice assistant

We’ve all been in the position where we wish we could have a personal assistant while working from home. Someone to take messages, organise meetings and someone to ask questions and get them answered straight away. As close to reality as we can get at the moment is by having a ‘virtual’ voice assistant for … Read more

Speakers for The Home Office

Speakers for the home office

If you, like so many of us, have been working from your laptop at home recently you’ll know that those built-in speakers are not great – yes they’re fine for the odd zoom meeting but the volume is not great and the quality is worse. A set of external speakers is what is required to … Read more

Art for the Home Office

art for the home office

OK, a bit of a strange one, but stick with me on this one! Art for the Home Office is a great idea, it fulfills a few criteria for trying to create the perfect environment for work to get done. It can reflect your taste, create a stimulating area for your most productive of thoughts … Read more