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I think I can safely say that this has been one of the strangest years I can remember! It’s seen so many changes to people’s lives and resulted in me deciding to set up this website in order to help people get the best out of their home office set-up (I’ll give you a link … Read more

Best Coffee Machine for the Home (Office)

Now I don’t know about you but I just can’t function without a cup of coffee first thing before I start work! I used to nip into the Costa that they had in my office every day for a cappuccino, then after I started trying to be a bit healthier I switched to an Americano, … Read more

MBTI and Working From Home

Today I’m going to discuss the impact of working from home on various personality types and how best to deal with people depending on their psychological make-up. Now, over the years I’ve taken a few personality tests, whether its been for job interviews or for jobs where they have been keen to create the perfectly … Read more

Planning a Holiday From The Office….

how to ensure a stress free time off. We have been continually told over the course of 2020 that we need to maintain a great work / life balance. That’s all very well, but as we prepare for a holiday from the office (whether home or otherwise) how do we make sure that, firstly we’re … Read more

Best Work From Home Gadgets

So, its been a tough few months what with being forced to work from home during the pandemic, then being told to return to work if you need to, then to support restaurants and bars, then told to work from home again. Although a lot of us, and I do mean a lot of us, … Read more

Working From Home Pub Quiz Questions Answers

One of the many things that has happened over the last ten months is the rise of the online pub quiz. As people have been locked down and working from home, one of the easiest (and hardest) things to do has been to put together a pub quiz. To keep departments collaborating and to get … Read more

Best Affordable Keyboard for the Home Office

Now one thing that I have had to do since working exclusively from home is to change out the keyboard for the home office . Possibly, from time to time I get annoyed at work (very seldom – we all do it don’t we? ) I tend to type a bit harder than I should then … Read more

What are the Benefits in Working From Home?

making money from home

2020 has seen a huge shift in work patterns. Before March, if you had asked most people if they would rather work in an office or from home, I think a lot of people would have chosen the office. I mean, their friends are there, the commute isn’t “too bad” and they like that sandwich … Read more