Work From Home Life Balance

As more and more of us choose to work from home, or recently given the pandemic, are forced into working from home it becomes important that we maintain a good work from home life balance. Additionally, with many companies feeling the pinch as the downturn following the Covid pandemic bites, pressure on employees to “perform” … Read more

WFH Exercise

As someone who tries to keep in shape by taking regular exercise I know that the past few months have been particularly difficult trying to get motivated to do any form of exercise. Between looking after children, on top of working from home there sometimes just isn’t enough hours in the day – or so … Read more

Work From Home With Pets

As we get used to working from home, we can appreciate that one day soon (hopefully), a vaccine will allow us to get back to normality. This is fine for us, but what about our pets who have got used to us being around during the day. How can we help them get used to … Read more

Perfect Lighting for the Home Office


So, you have got your desk set up, comfortable ergonomic chair and your computer screen is at the correct height. That’s it’s right? WRONG – another factor that is equally important as all of these is lighting. Proper lighting of your work space will have a big impact on your concentration, your mood and even … Read more

Is Becoming a Digital Nomad For You?


So, having spent a few months working from home, it occurred to me (especially as winter approaches) that given the digital advances in communication, I could, in theory, be based anywhere. I started looking into if it was possible and stumbled upon a whole group of people who do exactly that. I had seen the … Read more

Best Plants for the Office

plants in office

So, one thing I hadn’t considered until recently was having a plant or two in the office at home. As someone who has frequently had to throw out the remains of a plant that I’d decided to purchase I had pretty much given up on having green fingers and had eventually even purchased a couple … Read more

Playlists for the Office

Hi again, Now personally I like to have some music in the background when i’m working. When I worked in some offices, especially open-plan ones, the background noise was such that it became difficult to concentrate so the headphones went on and some tunes were put on – always good to have a playlist for … Read more

Work From Home Lunch Ideas

Veggie chilli

Hi everyone, So today I thought I would take a look at some simple but tasty recipe’s that can be quickly cooked up – always good to have some work from home lunch ideas. I’m not exactly going to be going on Masterchef anytime soon but it’s nice to get away from the desk for … Read more

WFH Gift Ideas – Stocking Fillers


So you’re looking for some gift idea for those people who are either currently working from home or have a home office? If you’re looking for some good quality gifts that I would happily recommend then you’ll find part one over HERE, and part two HERE. Sometimes however, you don’t want to go overboard, you may … Read more

Working at Home Tips

Reach out

As more and more people are looking at working from home on a long time basis (rather than the couple of months they probably originally thought) it’s more important than ever to ensure that as well as working efficiently we look after ourselves. Therefore I’ve put together a few working at home tips to help you … Read more