WFH Gift Ideas (Part 2)


Hi, and welcome back to my list of top ten WFH gift ideas that I have curated from searching through thousands of gifts that have appeared on-line aimed at people who are working from home or have a home office. I’ve tried to avoid the “novelty” items as I think there’s plenty of them out there if … Read more

WFH Gift Ideas (Part 1)

With Christmas not too far away I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at some WFH gift ideas for those of us who are currently working from home. Its tricky at the best of times finding the perfect gift for people but under current circumstances its proving much more difficult. … Read more

How To Manage Email Effectively

As if working from home wasn’t bad enough, you’re stuck in the house, your motivation is low and your in-box seems to be growing arms and legs……….so what do you do to keep on top of it? Here are some valuable tips on how to get back in control, how to manage email effectively, and … Read more

Fed Up of Work?

Are you Fed Up of Work? Then read on to get some advice on creating your own future. Firstly A bit About Me For years now I have worked really hard, always for fairly large companies and other people. I’ve worked in the local office, I’ve worked in foreign offices, I’ve commuted back and forth … Read more

WFH Meaning and Other WFH Trends for 2020 and Beyond

In February 2020, only a small number of people would have able to tell you what the WFH meaning was, six months later and after millions of people found that Working From Home was the “new normal” the acronym has become synonymous with the global pandemic and it’s continuing impact on the workforce. But, how … Read more

Best Home Office Monitor

BEst Home Office Monitor

When it comes to working from home, as I’ve previously said, the most important thing to ensure is that you have a comfortable chair. Following that, a great desk and a good quality monitor come a joint second. Having already addressed a good desk I now turn to look at what makes for the best home … Read more

How to Work From Home on the Computer

Work from home on the computer

As the pandemic continues, a lot of people who would normally have been working in a bustling office are now working from home. Is this you? The last few months have meant thousands of people who were used to commuting to work, doing their job, then returning home are now doing their job at home. How … Read more