Home Office Storage

home office storage

When you work in the office you probably tend not to give much thought to the type and design of any storage that is being used. As long as you have somewhere to keep your files, paperwork and your lunch box that’s all that matters. When it comes to home office storage however, it’s a … Read more

Sit to Stand Desks for the Home Office

Sit to Stand Desks for the Home Office

Now I don’t know about you but I have been finding that working from home means more sitting. At the office there are meetings you need to go to, a trip to the photocopier every so often, the coffee machine, the bathroom, someone asks you a question – it all adds up! So when it … Read more

What is Remote First?

what is remote first

As we all know, the pandemic which spread throughout the globe in 2020 had severe repercussions. Most countries initiated a stay at home policy wherever possible for their populations and huge numbers of people began working from home for the first time in their careers. What transpired as the months passed was not an overwhelming … Read more

What is the Best Headset for the Home Office?

Best Headset for the Home Office

So we’ve been working from home for a while now and having multiple zoom meetings. The fun of someone being on mute while talking has worn out and the thought of a cat making “another” appearance has lost its cuteness (there’s only so many times you can say “aawww”, no?). Anyway one thing I haven’t … Read more

Home Office Trends for 2021

Home Office Trends for 2021

Since starting as a bit of a hobby with my website I have seen huge changes happen incredibly quickly over the last year regarding working from home. From the initial period when it was mandated that everyone should work from home if at all possible, and a lot of people complained about it, to the … Read more

Home Office Desks and Chairs

Home Office Desks and Chairs

Following what will become known as the great pandemic of 2020 the move from 100% office based work to a hybrid of office and working from home has accelerated. As more and more people are now looking to change out their temporary equipment for a more permanent set up as they settle in to working … Read more

Coping With Stress at Work and Returning to Work

Coping with stress at work

As we emerge, hopefully, from the horrible year that gave us the covid pandemic it’s easy to forget that we’ve come through a lot. As things start to return to “normal” and offices and shops fill up again (well….possibly) its easy to get a bit nervous and about meeting up with people again so I … Read more

Benefits of Incense and Relaxation

Benefits of Incense and Relaxation

I’m sitting here writing another article for my blog and after a difficult week at the office (home) I’ve lit an incense stick to try to help me relax. Why did I do that though? What ARE the benefits of incense and relaxation? Firstly – What is Incense? so according to Wikipedia incense is an … Read more

Remote Working – Is this the Future?

Remote Working - Is this the Future?

I follow a few people on social media who talk a lot about the possible future of remote working and what developments there are going to be. One of the people I follow is Chris Herd – he is the founder and CEO at Firstbase so has a lot of knowledge on the subject. A … Read more